Bored of Your Routine? Creating the Perfect Calendar for Your Child…and You.

Many people ask me what the best way to create their monthly calendar is.  With a little organization, you and your child will have a fun day planned, every day.  Bored of waking up, seeing the weather and figuring out how to fill up your day?  No worries!  First thing is to get yourself a large desk calendar or if you are tech savvy, create one in your phone/blackberry.

Do some investigating and see what your local area offers for your child’s age that is free.  You will be surprised as to what you can find.  Some examples might include the library, book stores, baby stores, mom’s groups, religious center classes, etc.  Write down the ones that interest you on your calendar, even if one falls on the same day and time slot as another.  This way, when you look at a particular day, you can see what you and your tot are in the mood for.  If your budget allows, look at some paid activities, such as swim lessons, sports classes, local Y offerings, Gymboree type options, etc.
Remember to leave some free time on certain days, since walking and going to the park is a great way to get outside, get exercise and enjoy.  Don’t forget about time for playdates and errands as well.  It’s also nice sometimes to spend the day doing nothing with your child, acting silly at home or cuddling watching a great movie. You will need to find the perfect balance that works for your family.

Hope this helps!  Thanks for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts!