October Parenting Tip:

10 Tips for Entertaining your Child in a Doctor’s Office:
How many of you end up waiting in the exam room, often times longer than you waited in the waiting room?  If you have kids with you, whether you are there for their appointment or yours, how are you going to entertain them?  Here are some great tips that will actually turn your wait into fun!
1)       Bring crayons with you and use the crinkly exam table paper as your canvas.  The paper roll seems to go on forever so there is plenty of room to color.
2)      Crinkle the exam table paper and talk about the noise it makes (this works well for younger ones).  For older kids, you can crinkle the paper to make a ball, and play volleyball over the exam table.
3)      Use the Doctor’s gloves and blow up balloons.  If you have a pen, you can make faces and decorate.  Then create a puppet show to entertain your child.
4)      Lie on the exam table and pretend you are the patient.  Let your child be the doctor using any safe doctor tools (for example the wooden tongue depressor sticks) you have access to.
5)      Use the wooden tongue depressor sticks to create music by banging them on the exam table.  You can try and create a fun rhyme using doctor related words inspired by what is in the waiting room.
6)      Turn the lights on and off to create a dance disco. (The doctor might be wondering what the heck is going on in there but trust me, this one is a hit).
7)      Bring your child’s favorite books and snacks and create a story time for your child.
8)      Using the alphabet, look around the room and find something that begins with each letter.
9)      Using the colors of the rainbow, look around the room and find objects that match the colors.
10)    Play Simon Says, and if your child wins 5 times, give them a treat (bring a piece of chocolate or something special).  If your child loses 5 times, give them a tickle torture. 
I use these tricks every time I head to the doctor and instead of moans and complaining, our exam room sounds are filled with laughter and joy!  Try them…they work.