When you Look Good, you Feel Good!

Yes, I actually used this cheesy line when I used to sell costume jewelry, and to be honest, I believed it and still do.  Did you ever have a great party to go to and loved that feeling when you had the perfect outfit, shoes, and accessories?  You were unstoppable and that confidence created this glow about you that everyone could see, am I right? 
As we all know, being a mom is about juggling everyone’s needs and our needs often come last.  Even so, it’s important to remember that if you are out of sorts and not feeling great about yourself, it shows in your attitude, the way you interact with others, i.e. your children and spouse, and basically in everything you do.  Believe me, there are days where I look like utter crap and am glad I do, because if I looked any other way, I’d be lying to myself and everyone else.  No one expects you to look like a supermodel every day, but giving yourself the chance to feel amazing is something easy and small that yields something big.  The saying is definitely true and most of us want to look like we have spent an hour getting ready, but how is that possible as a busy mom?
For me, if my hair isn’t blown straight, I don’t feel clean and at my prettiest.  Usually, my hair is in a messy bun or curly ponytail, which looks fine but again, not my finest.  Forget the fact that there is no time to blow my hair in the morning; my hair wouldn’t be wet anyway since there is no time for a shower.  What’s the solution?  Do it the night before.  I prefer to shower before I head to bed anyway, since to me, it’s sort of like washing away the day.  This way, I wake up and no matter how tired I actually feel, my straight hair makes me feel like me, and say it all together…WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD!
Like you read above, some days I feel like looking like a stay at home mom (no offense to those that are insulted here) and other days I actually want to put on coordinating jewelry, some cute shoes and who knows, even some make-up.  In the mornings at my house, I usually have 15 minutes  to get myself ready, so laying out my clothes the night before cuts out the guess work for me.  I have my outfit, accessories, underwear, shoes; you name it, picked out and ready to go.  This frees up time to apply some blush and bronzer which really makes me look alive.  I usually reserve major eye makeup for Saturday nights but have found that a little eyeliner and one coat of mascara makes a huge difference in my appearance.  On the days I feel really coordinated and have a great outfit on, I’ll take the extra 15 seconds and take this extra step.  It’s amazing how something so little can make such a big difference in how we see ourselves.
Forget about trying to impress others…these tips are about making YOU feel better about yourself, since it’s easy to get into a rut.  I remember saying to my husband about an acquaintance once, “she is so pretty but she looks like a mess every day.  I wish I could give her a quick makeover.”  Clearly, I said this before I had kids, but now I get it.  If you are feeling sort of blah, take the extra time at night, get a head start in the morning, and make some easy changes.  You will feel more confident and confidence leads to success!  And remember…WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD.