November Parenting Tip

Avoiding Mealtime Drama
Dinnertime should be a special time to reflect on everyone’s day, as well as a chance to sit down and share a moment together.  For most though, it’s a struggle for many reasons.  Kids are screaming, not willing to eat what Mommy cooked, and it soon becomes a time of day that is dreaded.   Dinnertime can be tricky since it’s usually right before bath time and bedtime activities, hence the kids are tired and cranky.
Meals don’t have to be a nightmare and with a little planning and adjustment, it can actually be enjoyable.  Having dinner around the same time every night is definitely a way to keep mealtime sane in your home.  If kids know when to expect their meals, they get more excited and look forward to what is being served.   In addition, when dinner is at a certain time every night, you can cut off any snacking at a particular time, avoiding all the unnecessary whining.  Routine is the key and even though it’s challenging with all that life throws at us, it’s important to stick with it!