December Parenting Tip

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us already.  As parents, of course we want to give our children everything they wish for.  However, with the economy like it is, many people have less cash to spend this holiday season.  I have found that my kids love and actually prefer the presents I spend the least amount of money on. 
A great tip is to head to the dollar store in your area.  You would be surprised at the toys they have there…I was.  In addition, they have wrapping paper and all the necessary gift giving accompaniments, which can get expensive.  You can also find great gifts at discount chains all over the country.  My favorite happens to be Marshalls, which has incredible children’s clothes and toys at HUGE savings, as well as Burlington Coat Factory.  There are definitely ways to stretch your dollar and perhaps you’ll even have enough left to buy yourself something special!
Happy Holidays to everyone!