Food Fun!

In my house, when the kids eat all their dinner, including their veggies, they get a dessert as a reward.  Some nights it’s ice cream, some nights it’s jello, and other nights, I am left without new and fun options.  It’s often easy to get into a food rut where you are serving the same meals over and over.  While it’s still tasty, it can also be boring, and if there is no excitement at the dinner table, it’s less of an incentive for the kids to eat.  Dessert is the perfect opportunity to discover creative new twists on old staples in your fridge.
This recipe was a big hit in my house and when you make it in yours, I guarantee your kids will be sure to finish all their dinner first!  Take fresh strawberries (the bigger, the easier) and core out a little hole with a paring knife, while cutting off the green leaves.  Place one frozen chocolate chip (I prefer dark chocolate) in the hole and fill in with whipped cream.  Not only will your kids think it looks cool but when they bite in, they will get a chocolate surprise waiting for them.  It’s even fun to let your kids help make these strawberry delights. 
I like this recipe because it incorporates fruit and only a tiny bit of chocolate.  Adding a nutritious element to your child’s meal is so important and if you can do the same for dessert, why not.   While in the kitchen, it’s also a great idea to explain to your children why certain foods you are serving are beneficial for them and their growth.  Food can be a fun experience that helps your family bond, and a positive food environment prepares your children for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. 
Thanks for reading, and please comment and share your creative recipes with Mommy Masters.