Mom, Rx

It seems that opening the liquor cabinet for some stress relief has now changed to opening the medicine cabinet. I was at the gym the other day and overheard (mixed with a bit of eavesdropping) an interesting conversation between two women, both whom were moms. One was telling the other that she was sick of losing her temper and feeling like an out of control mother. The littlest things would set her off and at times throughout her day, she would find herself crying in her bed wondering why she was experiencing these temper tantrums.

She continued to tell her friend she started taking Zoloft, which made her life more manageable and less hectic, and gave her back the feeling of control she had lost. The conversation kept getting better when the other woman said she had also taken Zoloft in the past. I wanted to hear and learn more but they hopped off the elliptical machines and walked away. As I heard these women talking, I was a bit surprised that they were discussing such a private topic in such a public place, but glad they felt comfortable doing so. I don’t think anyone should be embarrassed to be on medication and I wish it was not such a taboo conversation. Plenty of Moms are turning to medication to cope better with everyday life as a mother, homemaker, employee, wife, friend, etc. In fact, Zoloft was the most commonly prescribed anti-depressant in the US retail market in 2007 with over 29 million prescriptions written*.

We are all trying to master the craft of motherhood and at times it can be frustrating, tiring and testing. I give kudos to those Moms that are making the effort to better themselves and their parenting styles! In addition to taking a medication such as Zoloft, I do believe it’s important to have someone to talk to, in order to better understand the issues causing the stress. This can be a friend, relative, doctor, online community, etc.

The fact that some women are expressing themselves honestly and admitting they are not the perfect parent makes the rest of us feel human. Some days, it only takes one more dirty diaper to change, one more sippy cup to clean or one more load of laundry to fold, to put us over the edge. So Moms, open up to each other, share your experiences and support one another. You never know who might be listening and learning too!

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