A Bad Day

What constitutes a bad day? Everyone has a different definition of what that means, but if everything seems to be going wrong and you are about to lose it…yah…that’s a bad day. Regardless of what caused your bad day, how you react to it is quite important. Did you freak out, feel sorry for yourself, take it out on your husband or yell at your children? When you put it in perspective, while you are experiencing your bad day, someone else is having a worse day.

I think the trick is to turn your bad day into a mad day, because it’s okay to have emotions and feel upset about your situation, but it should not control you. Here is a great example of what my recent bad day looked like. The plumber was over to unclog the garbage disposal; a very simple job. I asked him to also take a look at my bathtub, since the hot water wasn’t quite hot enough. He turned the faucet as high as it could go and proceeded to head upstairs to the attic. After he finished that task, he closed up shop and left. I then headed out to the market and while browsing through the cereal aisle, I received a frantic call from my mother-in-law, who was at my house watching the kids. She proceeded to tell me that there were waterfalls cascading from every light fixture in my kitchen. As my body stiffened and the color left my face, I immediately screamed through the phone, “oh my g-d…he never turned off the bathtub”. Needless to say, it was a very bad situation that caused tons of stress, all due to a stupid, careless mistake.

Despite this awful mishap, when I returned home, I remained pretty calm on the outside, focused on solutions. The clichéd thoughts of “no one was hurt”, “the kids were fine” and “everything could be replaced”, swirled through my head and helped me put things in perspective. I knew screaming and reprimanding the plumber wouldn’t fix the situation, and the only thing I could do was move forward. My mother-in-law was impressed with how well I reacted and frankly, so was I. My good behavior allowed my children to see that when times get tough, you get through it and move on. I also wanted to teach them that people’s problems, like being hungry, homeless, out of work, etc. were a lot worse and devastating than a leak, which in a month, will become a funny memory to laugh at and a comical story to tell.

Is it ever okay to lose it then? Of course…we are only human. Did I mention that later on that night, one of the light fixtures that was taken down from the leaky kitchen ceiling fell over and broke into a million pieces? That was my breaking point, literally! Next time you have a bad day, think of what good things you are blessed with in your life and remember that without bad days, we would never appreciate the good ones!