Help! Confused Camp Mom

I was amazed to learn that registration for summer camp in my area started so early in the year. Looking back, the amount of stress that I, along with other neighborhood Moms, exhibited was pretty hilarious. Summer plans should not be stressful; it should be easy and carefree, especially since it’s a luxury to be able to send your child to camp these days. Last time I checked, camp is supposed to be fun, but I think they meant for the kids, not the parents. Do I sign the kids up for one session, both sessions…which camp program fits them best…will they be with their friends…how will we afford all of this? All of these endless camp questions caused many sleepless nights and unnecessary anxiety. Silly, I know.

Why does something as trivial as choosing a summer program have to be so hectic and taxing? I think the answer lies in the type of parent that we consider ourselves. We want the best for our kids and sometimes too many choices leave us with too many possible scenarios. As Mothers, we like to be in control and when too many options present themselves, it can be confusing and utterly annoying.

It seemed that every day that my husband asked where my oldest son was attending camp, I had a different answer. Depending on whom I talked to that day, my decisions would change. After what seemed like 100 calls and e-mails to other Moms discussing our options, I finally decided on my son’s summer camp plans. Is it the right choice for him… and for me?  As long as we try our best to give our kids the best, how can we ever be wrong…right?