A Bad Day…Continued

You may remember a recent post describing the bad day I was having, which centered mostly on the flood in my house. My theory that bad things happens in threes, is definitely spot on, since my bad day seems to have turned into a bad month!

It has recently been suggested by a friend that I am probably not the best person to make plans with this month, due to the dark cloud hanging over my head. You know you’re having a bad month when you have to fill out three accident reports for your child in three different places on three different days. From a bruised head to a bloody mess at the local children’s museum, to the 2nd broken arm in 6 months, the series of three unfortunate events have clearly been delivered, and hopefully won’t be visiting again anytime soon.

How did I handle all of these mishaps? Well, at first with a lot of patience but after a while, the bad luck definitely took its toll. No one wants to look weak in front of their peers but at some point, you have to throw in the towel, appear human and let it out. When 10 moms are staring at you as your son is screaming bloody murder because his arm is mangled, they don’t know the frustration you have been through in the past few weeks, or the fact that you just dealt with a broken arm a few months back. They definitely didn’t hear you telling your child not to jump on a certain moving toy seconds before he leaped and broke his arm. It takes a supportive husband and great friends to help keep a drooping head high, and luckily I have both. When a heartbreaking tragedy like the earthquake in Japan occurs, it makes you think that you are the lucky one, bad day and all.

When I read about other moms and their awful days, I feel a sense of camaraderie and know that I am not in this crazy world of parenting by myself. Hopefully your day today is a good one and possibly even a great one.

Please share your bad day stories and how you got through them. Thanks for reading and being a part of Mommy Masters!