March Parenting Tip

Spring is in the Air…Make it a Family Affair!

Spring is knocking on our doors and it’s the perfect time to garden. Why not make it a family activity and have your child help out!* Adorable kid size gardening gloves and kid friendly tools can usually be found at your local home improvement stores, and Target often has them in their $1 section. Family gardening is a great way to spend time together while enjoying the fresh spring air. It helps to build confidence, is educational, and you will appreciate the help. You can watch your project grow and bloom with your youngster throughout the season.

Another cute idea is to give your child an individual gardening project, while you work on yours. When purchasing your materials, help your child pick out the flowers or plants of his choice.  He can then plant them in the ground or in a small individual pot, which can be decorated. This teaches your child about the responsibility and caring for a living thing, and gets him excited about waking up each day and seeing the growth. You can even assist your child with discovering neat information online about the flowers or plants he chose.
If your tot isn’t quite old enough to handle the dirty soil and youth gardening tools, there are still ways to get him involved. Begin the fun at the store and let him help with choosing the flowers, which is a great lesson in colors and counting. While in your yard, he can color his own version of a garden, even if it is just scribble. If your child is still in the stroller or bouncy seat, let them hang out and plant with you. He is soaking up tons of information just watching Mommy and Daddy work hard.

No matter what the age of your little one, gardening offers a chance to bond, learn and connect.

*(make sure the plants and flowers you are using are not harmful to children and pets).

Below are our creations!  Might not seem too advanced for you seasoned gardeners out there, but considering I have a black thumb, I am quite proud!


Look what we created!


A work of art!


My 4 year old and 2 year old’s projects