April Parenting Tip

Are you Prepared? 

When your growing toddler says goodbye to daytime diapers, it’s a joyous moment, as well as a great accomplishment for parent and child. When the nighttime diapers also become a thing of the past, excitement blends with anxiety, especially for the parents. Sleeping through the night without accidents certainly doesn’t come easy, and it takes time for children to learn how to control their bladders. Dealing with a wet bed and upset child at 3AM, night after night, is really tough.

With one eye open and the other one still dreaming, no one wants to start searching for new sheets, new pajamas or new anything in the wee hours of the night. Preparation is key, and just might be the solution you are seeking. Before your youngster heads to bed, prepare a late night “accident kit”, as I like to call it. This includes a clean sheet, clean underwear and pajamas, and a box of wipes, which should be placed next to your child’s bed. This way, when you are half asleep trying to comfort your child and clean up the wet mess, you can do it in a snap and not fumble around a dark room trying to locate all of your “accident kit” supplies. With a little organization and patience, you will be in and out of your child’s room in a flash, able to fall back asleep quickly, feeling rested in the morning.

Try and remember that this is just another stage in your child’s life and it won’t last forever. Before you know it, your little one will be taking himself to the bathroom, while you are cozy in your bed, dreaming of a tropical island and a cold strawberry daiquiri.

Thanks for reading. What’s in your “accident kit”?

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Best Wishes,

Ellie Hirsch
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