Mama, Mommy or Mom?

When our children are born, we cannot wait to watch them grow and reach exciting milestones, such as talking. What will their first word be? When it starts with M and ends in A, you are so joyful and have a feeling that you didn’t know existed. Before we know it, more words come out of that tiny sweet mouth, and soon Mama turns into Mommy, which also sounds like pure bliss. To have your baby recognize you as their Mommy, the one who provides him with food, shelter, love and all the Mommy essentials, makes all the sleepless nights and long days worth it!

The honeymoon phase with your “Mommy” title is mushy and gushy until you realize that as your child gets older, he uses your name WAY too many times in a day. A popular example is during a phone call when “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…” is repeated about 1000 times while your clothing is being pulled. It makes you want to say, “Mommy isn’t home right now so please leave a message….BEEP.”

Recently, my kids must have realized that Mommy was no longer my name and referred to me simply as “Mom”. It definitely caught my attention since it aged my 4 year old about 10 years. “What happened to Mommy?” I was thinking. “You’re too young to be calling me Mom, and wait a minute; I’m too young for you to be calling me Mom.” Suddenly, I felt guilty for pretending I was an answering machine and wished 10,000 “Mommy’s” on me from both kids at once. I would hear a young child call out to their Mommy in a store and want to answer, “Yes…here I am.” Creepy I know, but I was jealous, what can I say. I was to be called Mom; the simple, shorter and not so cute version of Mommy. Before I knew it, my youngest son, who is 2, also caught on and joined in the fun. It was actually kind of cute when it came out of his mouth because I had never heard a 2 year old use “Mom” before. Even so, it was an unwelcomed change, but luckily, it didn’t last long. Thankfully, a few weeks passed, and my Mommy title came out of retirement. Phew! I sure wasn’t ready to be a “Mom” yet as I was still enjoying the “Mommy” years.

Months later, I heard that cute innocent word again, the one that starts with M and ends in A. What was going on? To my surprise, both my kids started calling me Mama again. As the sweet sounds of my “Mama” title were flowing from my children’s mouths, I could have sworn I saw little red hearts floating out as well. I nearly melted, and as of today, I am still known as “Mama”. “Can I have more milky Mama? I have to go potty Mama. Can we go to the zoo today Mama? Mama, can I have just one piece of chocolate please? Mama, you look beautiful today. Mama, can we just read one more book? I love you so much Mama…can I have a dollar?” I just feel like saying, “YES, YES, YES my babies, whatever you want!” My kids could have pretty much asked for anything, as long as Mama was attached to it. I then thought perhaps this is all a ploy to make me do whatever they say and buy whatever they want. Smart boys I have, because it’s working!

I know when the teenage years appear, and hopefully not any sooner, there will be days when my sons refer to me as names that aren’t so cute, nice and loving. Therefore, I will cherish all my titles, and regardless if it’s Mama, Mommy or Mom, I will always be their mother, which is the best title of all!

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Ellie Hirsch
The Mommy Master (in training)