Happy Mother’s Day!

I write this article for you, a mom who is always doing everything for her children, her husband, her family, her friends, her dog, her cat, her house and her business. You are a selfless woman who has black circles under your eyes, a laundry machine that is always running, and sippy cups that seem to reappear in your sink, even though you swear you just washed them. You have mastered the craft of many trades and have earned numerous titles including mother, wife, daughter, friend, nurse, therapist, housekeeper, chauffeur, bank teller and cook. You love your children more than anything in the world and never knew that you could feel this way about anyone or anything. You look at them when they are well behaved and feel guilty that you might have raised your voice and made them cry. You look at them when they are bad and at times cannot help raising your voice, which then makes you want to cry. You see a woman on television who is your age, but don’t think you look anywhere near as old as she does. You feel like you will be the mother of babies and toddlers forever and when you think ahead 10 years, you can’t picture your life with older children. You are the CEO of your household, in charge of running and organizing everyone’s lives under your roof. You are all knowing and your house would fall apart without you, which at times is frustrating but secretly wonderful. You often feel overloaded, overtired, underpaid and underappreciated, but you wouldn’t change your life for anything. You are a mother and realize every day that you have been blessed with the best gift in the whole world.

Every day seems to be about everyone else but today is all about you! Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing women out there!

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  1. Hi Ellie..
    I just found that I'm not all alone feeling overloaded and underappreciated for all that I've done and 'm doing….
    Nice to meet you..
    I look forward to catch up with you…

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