June Parenting Tip: Get Silly

For many of our kids, school is out and the summer fun has begun. We find ourselves looking for anything and everything to do with them that is amusing and doesn’t involve trekking around town. Even if camp is going to be part of your summer, there are usually a few weeks of down time before the session starts. When you and your child are used to a certain schedule during the school year, change can be a hard adjustment and you are often left thinking, “hmmm…what do I do with them now?”

Well the good news is having a great time with your children doesn’t have to be expensive and in fact, you don’t even need to leave the house. The zoo, the aquarium or local museums are always great outlets but can often be over-crowded and admission fees and annual memberships are not cheap. I like to save those trips for rainy days, if we are not having movie day packed with popcorn, our PJs and cuddle time. School time and even camp time means lunch boxes and rushing out the door, so I say relax, hang out at home or in your backyard, and enjoy the schedule free day.

Why not make it silly sock day in your house tomorrow? Not only will it make dressing time easier but your kids will get a kick out of it. They do fun little things like that at school so I figured why not continue the entertainment at home. We might even declare one day this week hilarious hat day, which means getting out the art supplies and spending some time creating outrageous hats…a great activity. You don’t always have to run around to keep your kids entertained, and with today’s gas prices, who really wants to?

When I ask my boys what they want to do lately, playing in the backyard is usually the answer I get, which is fine with me. We get on our bathing suits, turn on the hose, and play fun games such as water limbo using the powerful stream of the water (works best with a sprayer attachment). I even found some leftover balloons the other day that I had from the kid’s birthday party last year and filled them up with water. We each had to catch the balloon and whoever dropped it first, got a nice, wet surprise. I have to tell you I felt like a kid again running around outside, and I think I almost had as much fun as my boys, if not more. If you don’t have a backyard, don’t fret. There are plenty of cool indoor activities that are sure to please. How about creating a cooking class with your kids? We recently picked our favorite fruits and pureed them in the blender to make home-made ice popsicles. They were refreshing and all natural, which means the kids could have as many as they want. What a great way to get in your child’s daily fruit requirement! I found that watermelon and cantaloupe work really well. The other day we made blueberry muffins, which were a huge hit. My oldest who is 4, cracked the eggs, and my 2 year old helped mix and pour the batter. The house smelled amazing and it was a fun bonding activity.

I have found that a stimulated child, both mentally and physically, is a happier child who behaves better, sleeps better and eats better, creating a happier and better mommy! It doesn’t cost much to have fun with your kids and with a little creativity, they will have a blast, and so will you.

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  1. Ellie, these are fabulous ideas to entertain and keep the kids busy this summer. Love the "silly sock day/silly hat day" as they love things that are familiar to them. Great post 🙂

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