A few months back, I posted some of the typical MOMMYisms that I found myself saying over and over. This time, I thought it would be fun to read what the children are saying. Here is what is buzzing in my ears most days, from the mouths of my 4 and 2 year old boys:

1) I love you 50 pounds
2) You look beautiful today Mommy
3) I like your dress
4) You’re a really good mom
5) Are you a supermom?
6) Mommy, are you happy today?
7) Can I help you make dinner tonight?
8) I am a great helper
9) Will you be my girlfriend Mommy?
10) I love you this many
11) I will miss you when I’m sleeping
12) I am so brave, right Mommy?
13) I am not a baby any more, right Mommy?
14) How many are you Mommy?
15) You’re my best friend Mommy
16) I am not your best friend anymore Mommy
17) I’m mad at you
18) Well poopie on you then
19) When I grow up, I think I’ll be a superhero
20) Pickie uppie
21) I h-u-n-g-y
22) 5 more minutes!
23) No!
24) I think I should get an extra dessert tonight, right Mommy?
25) Um…um…um…um…um…
26) I never get anything
27) I have no toys
28) Please? I’ll be your best friend with a cherry on top!
29) Gosh didley doughnuts
30) Mommy, will you be my mom forever? YES!!!

What are some of the cute, funny, loving and wacky things your child says? Please share with Mommy Masters and leave a comment. I love reading them! Don’t forget to become a “Follower” if you haven’t already.