Toddler Talk-Deep Discussions with your Child

How do you handle tough questions that your kids throw at you? Are you prepared when they mention subjects like G-d? How do we convey answers that we may not know ourselves?

In the car one afternoon, my 4 year old son asked me where G-d is and how come we can’t see him. I was definitely stunned at first but immediately praised him with asking such an important and interesting question. I told him it was wonderful to be curious and that I would be here with open ears any time he had further questions. Realizing I was deflecting the question, for an unknown reason, I addressed the inquiry and immediately began getting down to business. I was really curious as to what HE thought the answer was. He did not know so I explained that different people have their own beliefs and there isn’t one right answer. Personally, I told him that I thought G-d was everywhere and lives in our hearts and in our minds. I wasn’t sure if a 4 year old mind would grasp that but he proved me wrong when he responded that he definitely feels G-d everywhere and can even see him sometimes. My 2 year old interjected at that point and said, “I feel G-d in my baby heart Mommy”. I smiled and was very touched to hear this come out of my children’s mouths. The conversation quickly shifted gears to the fact that my 4 year old was declaring he was going to be Batman when he grew up. Hey, if I am trying to convince my son we believe in a person we can’t see, why can’t he be a superhero as his career of choice, right?

Do we as parents feel that our opinions should be the opinions of our children? I would like my son to form his own judgment of who he thinks G-d is, as well as what his relationship is with this higher power, whoever he or she may be. I think as long as we are honest with our children, respect their views and really listen to what they have to say, our conversations with them will be authentic, easy and natural. Just because your child may be a toddler, doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have real and wonderful thoughts about grown up subjects, i.e. G-d. I love having genuine discussions with my 4 year old son. He tells me his opinion and I tell him mine. If we disagree about something, it sparks a wonderful exchange between us and in the end, we both learn more about each other, what we are each thinking and how we look at life. If my son feels comfortable about approaching me when he is 4, whether it’s questions about G-d or what superhero to be when he grows up, I am hoping that it opens the door to future conversations when he is 13, 16, 25 and beyond.

What important subjects have your toddlers brought up to you? How did you handle the conversation? Mommy masters would love to hear your experiences so we can all learn from each other. Together we can master motherhood!