October Parenting Tip: Gain Confidence

Birthdays usually means lots of presents, which can be exciting for your kids, but also a bit overwhelming. In our house, the boys unwrap all their presents but I prefer they actually only open and play with a few at that time. I put the rest in our toy closet and take them out every few weeks. This way, the kids get to actually enjoy and appreciate each present instead of playing with it for a day and then forgetting about it.

When we have playtime at home and the kids are bored of their toys, I take out a “new” present, and it’s like birthday time all over again. It’s even a great way to reward your kids for good behavior and for helping around the house. One week I may take out an art or activity related gift, such as a coloring project, moon sand or play-dough, board game, etc. Another week I may take out a few superhero related toys and let the boy’s imaginations run wild.

Apply this idea to the upcoming holidays and you will have an endless supply of new toys for your kids to play with. Think of it as building your own toy store at home! Another great tip is if you have received duplicate gifts, instead of returning them to the store, donate them and put a smile on a child’s face who may be less fortunate. Giving back is always a great lesson to teach your children!

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3 thoughts on “October Parenting Tip: Gain Confidence”

  1. I love this idea!! We have been doing this for a while w/ toys that go to grandma's house. I take toys over there (they ones she hasn't played w/ in awhile) and then they are like new over there. If she wants to bring a toy home (from grandma's) we have to take another back over next time we go.

  2. Musings from Me

    Great idea! My friend used to bag up toys not used. She would bring out a new laundry bag every so often. I wasn't as disciplined about rotating our toys until my 3rd child.

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