January Parenting Tip: One at a Time

I was inspired to write this month’s parenting tip after returning home from a recent grocery shop.  After pulling into my garage, I had the task of bringing in over 10 bags filled with heavy items into my house.  This seems like a simple undertaking but if you have a detached garage like I do, it means numerous trips back and forth.  Add to that being 7 months pregnant and this straightforward activity becomes a difficult mission.  Part of motherhood is being creative, thinking on your feet, and finding solutions…exactly what this month’s tip is all about.

Below is a picture of my garage to demonstrate the distance that I need to walk to reach my back door.   So how did I resolve this problem?  I realized I had an old wagon in the garage that I used to pull the kids in when they were younger, and I knew it would perfect for loading all of my groceries and escorting them to my back door.  You can see from the picture I got everything into the cart and wheeled it right up to my steps in one trip, without a struggle.

Distance to Back Door


My Solution

Moms are busy creatures and we have to figure out ways to make our lives easier.  I hope my story inspires you to create inventive solutions for your own life!  Please share these solutions with Mommy Masters so we can all benefit from your great ideas.  Remember, TOGETHER WE CAN MASTER MOTHERHOOD!™