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As soon as I opened the package of Sticky Bellies, I was so excited for numerous reasons.  I have taken many pictures of my belly during my pregnancy but when I view the pictures at a later date, I never know how far along I am.  Sure I could hold up a piece of paper with the information written on it but in the moment, it’s too much effort and doesn’t look as pretty.  Sticky Bellies allows you to take a pre-printed circular sticker with the number of weeks you are, and attach it to your clothing.  The stickers are cute, colorful and easy to use.  The packet doesn’t include every week but mostly the stages that someone would want to record anyway.  Now that I am a few weeks away from giving birth, I am looking forward to sporting my ‘Ready or not, here I come!’ sticker for my last photo as a pregnant woman.

Sticky Bellies is an adorable gift to give someone to help them record a very precious time in their life.  I definitely recommend purchasing and using Sticky Bellies…what a great idea!  You can visit Sticky Bellies at

Ellie at 38 Weeks
Ellie at 38 Weeks
Sticky Bellies


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