April Parenting Tip: Laugh

This morning after dropping off my son at school, which is attached to the local temple, the Rabbi came up to me to say hello, and see how I was getting by as a new mom of 3.  I told him that I was adjusting, doing the best I knew how, and that every day was getting easier for me.  He smiled at me and said something that really stuck in my mind.  “When times get crazy and loud, and all you crave is a second of silence, just smile and laugh…smile and laugh.  You may think these are tough times now but these are really the best of times.”

I found the rabbi’s words very calming and could not wait to try his theory out, as I knew there would be anything but silence in my house later that day.  I joked with him and told him that every morning when I drop my son off, I expect to have a different piece of advice waiting for me.  Whether you are a new mom, or an old pro with a new baby, motherhood is challenging, and words of encouragement can be extremely powerful!  Tonight at 5:00 when I turn into an octopus to accomplish all the tasks that always seem to occur at once, i.e. preparing dinner, occupying the kids, wiping tushies, breastfeeding the baby, taking out the dog, answering the phone, kissing booboos, etc., I will definitely remember to smile and laugh.  It sure beats crying!

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