May Parenting Tip (Special Mother’s Day Edition)


Mother’s day is a time to celebrate ourselves, our accomplishments as mothers, and of course our children.  On this special day, we take the time to think about how much we love and cherish them, and how lucky we are to be their mom.  Time goes by way too quickly and before we know it, the years are like days and seem to fly by.  When we reflect on our children and look back at photo albums, we wonder where the time has gone and can’t believe how much our children have grown.  Pictures tell a great story and capture a visual moment, while helping to bring back a special time and sentiment. However, they don’t always document an emotion that someone might be feeling on the other end of the camera.  There are also times when we don’t have a camera, yet want to remember, and be able to recall the thoughts going through our mind at that very moment.  Whether it’s a graduation, birth, first day of school, or a simple glance at our children, how can we bring ourselves back to that moment in time?

When my third son was born in March, my emotions were all-consuming.  I fell in love with him the second he was born and wanted to find a way to capture those feelings.  In the past, I always took a mental snapshot to keep certain moments alive forever, but as time goes by and new snapshots fill the space in my head, the memories fade a bit.  When I arrived home from the hospital with my son, I thought about all the things in life I wanted him to experience.  Of course this includes happiness, health, success, friendships, love, etc.  On the top of my list though, and this may sound selfish, was the hope that he would always know how much he was loved, from the minute he was brought into this world.  It was important to me that he know how much I cherish him and how truly blessed I am to be his mom.  In these moments, my feelings were so powerful, I felt I needed to record them.  There was no mental picture to take but more of an emotion I wanted to document.  I decided that I had to write him a letter, spilling all of these thoughts and loving sensations, so that one day, he could share in what I was feeling at that time.  As the tears rolled down my cheeks, I sealed up the letter and put his name on the envelope, and placed in a special place for him to read one day.

Whether you love to write and are very expressive like me, or you tend to hold your emotions in, write them down.  Your letter can be one word, a few sentences, or a few pages.  Regardless of your writing capabilities, you will look back and be so glad you took the time to write down your emotions.  I know I am, and when my son reads my letter, I know he will be as well.

Whether it’s Mother’s day or every day, make sure and let your children know what they mean to you and how much you truly love them.  Spoil them with kisses and hugs and tell them how special they are to you.  These words are powerful and will stay with your children forever.   Mommy Masters is wishing all the hard working moms out there a very happy and special mother’s day!  You have the hardest job in the world and today you should give yourself a pat on the back!  You deserve it!

Remember, together we can master motherhood!