Behind the Music…

My dream of creating children’s music is now a reality and I am so proud and excited to share my work with all of you and your children. From important subject matters families experience every day, including potty time, handling the first day of school, cleaning up, manners, ABCs, 123s and more, “Music is Magical” will educate your children and entertain your whole family.

My goal was to create educational music that not only children would love, but that parents would actually want to listen and groove to as well. To accomplish this, I wrote songs that touch on different genres, songs that have catchy rhythms and beats, and songs that has fun and witty lyrics. My music is perfect to use at home, in the car, waiting at the doctor’s office or anywhere.

A lot of thought and research went into creating my music. It is especially useful in the classroom, on the playground and at nap time. The educational content is perfect for little ones, ages 0-6, as you will notice the length of each song. At this age, attention span is not very large and it was important for me when writing, to ensure my songs would grab the children’s attention and keep it. The idea, whether at home or at school, is so they can learn the content, in addition to enjoying themselves before moving onto the next activity.

Schools will find the content perfect for children with ADHD, ADD and those on the spectrum. Speech pathologists are using my music to reach milestones with their students and find my music a wonderful tool.

My own children inspired me to write my album and I realized that when we sang and made up songs together, it was simply magical. It was a wonderful way to bond with them and educate them at the same time. When word spread about my music, children were hooked, and the idea of creating songs for the whole world to hear was born.

When my 5 year old tells me he is proud of me and my 3 year old tells me my songs are the best he’s ever heard, it makes all the hard work I put into producing the album worth it! When my kids see Mommy working hard and reaching goals I set for myself, it sends a great message and teaches them great work ethic. I hope that my music also inspires all the moms out there who have dreams that they are working on. No matter how busy you are, no matter how tired you are and no matter how discouraged you may become, always find a way to conquer your dreams!

I hope you all enjoy my musical creations and use them as a great parenting resource to teach your children, spend time with your children and most importantly, have fun with them!


Ellie, The Mommy Master®

LAUNCHING 7/11/12!!!  Digital versions and hard copies available!!!  Make sure you head back to to preview my songs, share with friends and buy your copy!