July Parenting Tip (Brighten your Day)

This month’s parenting tip is so simple but can make such a big difference in your day.  You know that feeling when the doorbell rings and you discover someone has sent you flowers?  It makes you feel special and almost giddy.  What woman doesn’t love to get flowers?  For most of us, unless is Valentines Day, your birthday, or your anniversary, chances are that bell is a little bit dusty.

Well who says you have to wait for flowers anyway?  Next time you are at the supermarket or are near your local florist, pick up some beautiful flowers for yourself and your home.  Flowers not only make your house look and smell beautiful, but it brings a sense of new life and can really change the mood in your house.  I think getting flowers is like a new haircut or just getting your eyebrows waxed…you feel pretty, fresh and confident.

Flowers can be expensive so if you are budgeting, no worries.  The supermarket is a great place to get flowers for less. You don’t have to go crazy and in fact, one flower can make a big statement.   If you have a garden that you can pick from, even better.  My favorite colors are purple and yellow and I absolutely love the first day when I bring home my flowers and see them on my kitchen island.  Something about these new additions just brightens my day and my kitchen.

So don’t wait for your hubby or boyfriend to send you flowers.  There is no reason you can’t get out and get them yourself.  I even like to get my kids involved and they love to help pick out the flowers in the supermarket with me.  Motherhood can certainly be challenging and on those days you feel blah and ready to hang up the towel, it’s nice to get energy from nature and be able to smile and know you did something for yourself to make you feel good.  Whether it’s flowers or something else, surround yourself with beautiful things that make you feel beautiful, inside and out!