A Reliable Source: Build A Sign Review

As someone who is building a business on my own, it definitely helps to find reliable resources that you can count on and partner with.  I am extremely passionate about Mommy Masters and it’s wonderful to work with people who share the same enthusiasm for their business as well.

As I began planning for my first trade show representing Mommy Masters, I knew I would need a lot of help.  The first thought that came to my mind was signage.  There are a ton of companies around that make signs but which would be the most cost effective and helpful for me?  It was all a bit overwhelming as there are a ton of companies out there that make banners. I remembered a company called Build a Sign that contacted me a few years back to write a review.  At the time, I did not need any signage and passed at the offer, however adding their link to my favorites, as I knew down the road they would come in handy.  Well…glad I did because I ended up ordering two signs from them recently, forming a relationship with them, and actually asking them if I could write a review.

Before Mommy Masters was born, I was in sales, where I was taught the importance of customer service.  I was also raised with a strong work ethic and had parents who were role models when it came to delivering on what was promised.  Since I have started Mommy Masters, I have encountered many different types of people.  There are those that seem as dedicated to their business as I am, put 110% into their product and care about their customers like I do.  On the complete opposite of the spectrum, there are those that could care less about their clients, have a terrible response time, don’t deliver on their promises and are simply lazy.  It can be very discouraging when you put your blood, sweat and tears into your business and watch those around you, that you are paying, have a different work ethic and outlook on their business.  I have learned you can only control what you can control and not everyone is going to share and demonstrate the same passion as you are.

When I came upon Build a Sign, I knew I had found one of the good ones.  Their staff was courteous, extremely helpful and very pleasant to deal with.  I would definitely know since I probably spoke to every single one of them.  I kept changing my design and not one person got frustrated with me and in fact, offered me their opinions regarding font, coloring and placement.  They even let me know that one of my images might look blurry on the final product and gave me an opportunity to change it before it went to print.  They actually took an interest in my business, questioned me about what I did, and established trust with me from the very beginning.

My two signs came 4 days early, was exactly what I wanted, and looked perfect at my trade show booth.  The quality of the banners is wonderful and I know I will be using these signs again and again.  Build a Sign offers everything from signs, banners, business cards, bumper stickers and more.  I am looking forward to continuing to build my relationship with Build  a Sign and definitely plan on using their services again.  When customer service is a priority, I will be a loyal customer forever and these guys definitely won my business from the beginning.

I recently learned that Build a Sign has a sister company called Easy Canvas Prints (easycanvasprints.com) that looks really neat.  It turns any photo into a canvas print as well as offers art on canvas.

I wanted to let my readers know of this company because I believe it’s rare you work with people who are so helpful, attentive, nice and actually do what they say. So thanks Build a Sign for making my experience so memorable, being patient with me and delivering such a great product!!!  You have a customer for life!

The Mommy Master with Build a Sign banners

Photos on CanvasSigns