September Parenting Tip: Scavenger Fun Hunt

Scavenger Fun Hunt: Here’s a fun and educational game that is perfect for a rainy day, a day off from school, or if you’re just looking to mix things up a bit.  Depending on your children’s age and what level of learning they are, you will need to modify this a bit.

Assign your child a few tasks that are both educational and fun, relating to colors, shapes, letters, jumping, skipping, hopping, etc.  After they finish one task, you keep giving them instructions for as long as you want the game to last.  For example, here is what I did with my 3 and 5 year old this weekend and we all had a blast!


  • Find something in the house that starts with the letter S
  • Once you find this object, come back and hop on 1 foot while counting to 10
  • Next you will need to locate 3 items that are the color orange.
  • Then you need to sing the alphabet while jumping up and down
  • Then find an object that is round
  • Lastly, tell me one thing you are grateful for today.

It’s even more fun if you set a timer and make them complete the tasks within a certain time frame.  My children love this game and we play it over and over using different assignments they need to complete.  You can make it as educational as you want and tailor it to your child.  Whether you want to focus on something he is learning at school, such as a certain letter of the week, or use this opportunity to work on something your child may need extra assistance with, your child will learn while having fun!

If this is too advanced for the younger ones, create a more appropriate list for them and do it together, for example:

  • Mommy is going to help you find something blue
  • Then together we are going to sing the alphabet
  • Next we will touch our nose, while spinning around.
  • Can you help Mommy find something that is furry?
  • Lastly mommy is going to tell you one thing I love about you.

The best part of this game is that every time you play, it’s never the same.  I hope you enjoy playing with your children as much as I do with mine.

What are some fun games you have invented in your house?  Become a fan of Mommy Masters on Facebook and share with us! Your idea could be featured!


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