A Night With Rosie Pope

Friday, November 16th was certainly a night to remember!  I attended The Mother of All Baby Showers, held at the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, which was beyond impressive.  To start my night out, I met and interviewed Rosie Pope, star of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels”.  She is just as pretty and angelic looking as she is on TV, and had this warm, inviting smile.  To say I was nervous was an understatement, but the minute I sat down with her, I felt like I was chatting with an old friend.

After I shook hands with Rosie and sat down across from her, I handed her my children’s CD, “Music is Magical”, as a gift for her children.  It was a great way to start off as it caused us to chat a bit and get to know each other before I started asking questions. The interview occurred at a cafe inside The Tampa Museum of Art, so a waiter came by and asked if we wanted wine.  I looked at Rosie to follow her move and just went for it, although I was so focused on her during the interview, I barely took a sip.   I joked that after a rough week, I needed the wine and when I started to mention my trip to the ER with my four year old a few days earlier, Rosie already knew about it, along with the fact that I had dealt with ear infections the week before.  The beauty of Facebook!  The fact that Rosie Pope was reading my Facebook posts and knew what was happening in my life was pretty neat.  I could have gabbed for a while longer but quickly turned the spotlight on Rosie because this was about her, and I wanted to learn as much as I could in the short time I had with her.

I first congratulated Rosie on the birth of her baby girl, Vivienne, and shared that we both had the same birthday, May 13th.  I then congratulated her on this amazing brand she has built which led right into my first round of questioning.  “What is the secret recipe to success, along with the tipping point in your career where you said to yourself, ‘Wow, I made it…I’m big…people know who I am'”?  To my surprise, she didn’t think she had “done that yet”, so clearly she has big big dreams.  She was quite modest but compared to a mompreneur like me, just starting to build my brand, she is definitely a role model and inspiration!!!  Rosie continued to answer my question and tell me that “to a lot of people, it appears you are successful overnight and suddenly you’re everywhere…when it comes to business, it takes forever and so many no’s…a lot of hard work and you have to believe in yourself”.  I think it’s easy for mompreneurs to lose patience and expect success to happen right away but in reality, it’s a process and takes time.

With all these amazing things happening in her life, I of course had to ask how she finds the time to fit it all in.  I told her I would kill for an extra hour each day and mentioned that she would probably need an entire extra week.  She said, “It’s really hard…we talk about having it all but I try and have it all over a longer period of time…some days are really good work days and some days are really good kid days…not every day is going to be a good day.”  Rosie said she doesn’t get much sleep these days but that she knows that it’s not forever and that “you’re doing it for them and doing it for you and it’s an intense period of time now…and if it’s not working, you stop”.

I was curious to know how Rosie disconnects from everything and manages to stay in the moment when she is with her family.  It’s definitely a hard task these days with all of our social media, e-mails and internet so accessible.  Rosie did say her husband is better at turning off his electronic world than she is, and that is definitely takes work and effort to be in the moment.  “Those thoughts come and you can’t help it and I have learned to let them wash over me…over time you get the ability to do it.”  She said the opposite is also true when she is working when she starts thinking of her children at times and loses focus.  She recommends having a place to write ideas down and for her, that is often her children’s easel in the playroom  “If I can’t get the idea out of my head…I write it down.”

For me, it’s hard to relax and I rarely have nothing to do.  What mother does?  With all these thoughts and great business ideas in her head, a busy schedule and three kids, what does she do to relax?  I am glad to know I am not the only one who thrives on being busy. Rosie doesn’t use yoga, a hot bath or wine to calm her down and shut off the world,  and admits she is not very good at relaxing.  “For me, it’s tackling what is making me stressed out….maybe it’s a new project or a presentation or one of your kids isn’t doing well at school…I find that dealing with whatever is stressing me out is better than running a bath or having a glass of wine.”

We talked about the dedication it takes to be an entrepreneur and that no one is going to work at it as hard as you are because it’s your baby.  She segmented into my next topic perfectly when she said, “having people work for you is one of the hardest things”.  I was curious how Rosie handled making mistakes in her business because I have certainly made some along the way.  “You will make mistakes…it’s the ability to admit your mistake and move on.  That’s a sign of a good entrepreneur…”  She said the same rule applies to parenting.  “We’re going to make mistakes…the problem is if you pretend you are always right.  It’s better to say Mommy made a mistake and had a bad day…should not have shouted at you…not your fault”.  Rosie’s line of thinking is exactly what Mommy Masters is all about.  I shared with her the idea behind Mommy Masters and the fact that mastering motherhood is not about being perfect, but in fact, quite the opposite.One day you might be a Mommy Master and another day, a mommy disaster, and that’s okay.     Rosie added that “you made a mistake and you can fix it.” She compared this line of thinking to business and said “the worst mistake in business is when you can’t admit you were wrong”.

In terms of what’s next for the Rosie Pope brand, she jokingly said she “wants to come out with an album”, noting, “I’m so bad at singing”.  She actually “wants to reach as many women as possible”, and provide her services at affordable prices.  She said everyone asks her when she is coming out with a line for Target but mentions that “it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is”.  Now that Rosie has so many components to her brand, I was curious if designing was her favorite.  She mentioned she has the same goal no matter what she is working on.   Whether it’s her book, clothing line, classes, parenting sessions, show, etc., it’s about bringing women together and helping women feel good about themselves.  Very cool!

As the clock was ticking, I wanted to end on a fun note and so decided to ask her to tell me something that we don’t know about Rosie Pope.  After pondering for a bit, she said she “will only drink Diet Coke in a can”, because it tastes better and she hates soda in a bottle.  I find soda in bottles to actually be colder than soda in a can, but she said for her it’s the opposite.  We continued to talk about fun things and before I knew it, it was time to head out.  I was so excited about my conversation with Rosie, I almost escaped without a picture.  We smiled for the camera, and then started giggling, because someone kept walking behind us in the shot to get something out of the cafe fridge…probably a Diet Coke and hopefully it was a can!

I was given ten minutes to interview Rosie and it was nice that she took more time to answer my questions and didn’t rush our conversation. I want to thank Rosie Pope for this opportunity and look forward to watching her build her empire and inspiring women, like me, along the way.  This was a wonderful experience for me and I really hope I can continue to connect with Rosie in the future.  I also hope her children love “Music is Magical”!  Just knowing they are going to be singing, dancing and learning to something I created, is beyond words.

I also want to thank Amy Lundy, founder of Small Fry Society and Bun in the Oven Bunch, and creator of The Mother of All Baby Showers,  for connecting me with Rosie Pope. Thank you thank you thank you!

For the full interview (minus a minute at the end since my memory card was full), click below:

Stay tuned for my re-cap of The Mother of All Baby Showers, which was filled with wonderful, products, demonstrations, educational sessions, pampering, good food and drinks, and great people!  An amazing night!

Thanks for reading!

Ellie, The Mommy Master®


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