Get Ready to be Amazed!

Review of  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ® Built to Amaze:

It has been ages since I took my kids (6 and 4) to the circus, so I was so excited to be attending the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Built to Amaze show in Tampa.  We arrived at the Tampa Bay Times Forum and I could see the excitement on all the children’s faces we passed as we located our section.  We sat pretty high up which actually gave us more of an aerial view that allowed us to see everything going on at once.  We couldn’t make out the faces but the kids didn’t seem to care.   My boys were excited to see all the animals perform their neat tricks, while I was looking forward to the trapeze and twirling gymnasts in the air.

We saw elephants with their wonderful floppy ears, beautiful horses, tigers and more.  The tigers were extremely impressive and there were quite a few of them, considering there was only one trainer.  It’s hard to believe they are actually fierce  animals because they appeared like furry pets that you could just cuddle with and want to rub their bellies.



The tightrope was nail-biting!  There were people jumping over each other, riding bikes and doing other things no human being should be doing on a rope in the air.  On the trapeze, one performer clearly had no fear as he was walking upside down on some cool contraption.  I remember trying the trapeze when I was a kid vacationing at a Club Med once and I could barely make it up the ladder.  I actually have a picture of me holding on to the bar for dear life with tears coming down my face.  Once I locate that picture…I will post!

I absolutely loved the basketball act where two different teams played a game and performed tricks , all on unicycles.  It was pretty awesome!  I don’t think the boys blinked at all during that portion of the show.  Really really cool!  Right before intermission, a woman was blasted out of a cannon which was fantastic!  The kids had a puzzled look on their face as if what they were seeing could not be possible.  I think I had the same look on my face as well!

A circus isn’t a circus without cotton candy so we purchased the $12 treat (yes, $12), and received a free hat to make us feel better about spending that much money on spun sugar.  The kids loved it so it was worth it.  Definitely expect to pay steep prices for the food and toys but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

I could go on and on about all the amazing things we witnessed but you will just have to see for yourself!  The Greatest Show on Earth will be in Tampa until January 6th, then heads to Orlando and beyond.   Head on over to Ticketmaster to view the full touring schedule if you are outside Tampa.   There is a great deal going on that you can take advantage of right now:

Get a Family Value Pack for just $88.00. This includes 4 $15 tickets, 4 small lemonades, 4 small popcorns, and 4 lollipops. This offer is valid for any performance except those on Saturday. Tickets can be purchased at the Tampa Bay Times Forum ticket office or at using code FAMDEAL.  Knowing I spent $12 on cotton candy should tell you this is seriously a great bargain…DO NOT miss out!

Post your pictures from The Greatest Show on Earth on the Mommy Masters Facebook page.  Enjoy the show!!! You will definitely be “AMAZED”!  Below are some more photos I captured.


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  1. I can not wait! We are going tonight!!!!! Thank you so very much for blessing our family with the free tickets!

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