April 2013 Parenting Tip: Is Your Bad Day Really That Bad?

This month’s tip is straight to the point and can really change your attitude and outlook, therefore affecting how you parent in a positive way.

When you think you are having a bad day, someone else is having a worse one!

It’s easy to get upset about the little things because when you are in the moment, they can seem large to you.  If you are having a bad day, try to remove yourself from the situation (which is not easy) and think about whether or not your day is really that bad.  Remind yourself that your horrible day might be considered a great one to someone else.

Next time you are having a terrible day, instead of being angry, be grateful for all the wonderful and positive things you have in your life!  This type of positive thinking will make you a more patient parent, and person in general.  Remember that tomorrow is another day with the potential to be a great one!

Moms, please don’t be embarrassed or afraid to share your bad day with you friends and family.  The fact that you are a mother means you are supposed to have crappy and nutty days!  If we share our feelings and thoughts with each other, it lets us know we are not alone in this crazy world of motherhood!


Moms, if you need to vent about your bad day, head on over to the Mommy Masters Facebook page and tell us all about it.  We are here for you!!!