Hurricane Prep Kits for Kids: Tips & More…

Hurricane season has arrived and being prepared is a must!  Storms can be a scary situation for our little ones, but there are definitely ways to make prepping for a hurricane fun!  When kids create their own prep kits, it can add an element of enjoyment to something very serious and alarming.  Here are tips on how to create the perfect box with your child:

  • Have your kids decorate their boxes with stickers, markers, glitter, etc., and create a great art project out of it.
  • Provide fun items that are going to keep your children occupied and distracted in a situation that may be frightening for them.  Cards, travel games, coloring books and glow sticks are some great examples.
  • Let your child shop with you and pick out the items for their kits.  They will be excited to create their box instead of feeling afraid of the hurricane.
  • Creating positive and fun memories for children in times of serious situations, such as hurricanes, is very important.
  • Start a discussion with your child about their feelings towards hurricanes and other storms.  Let them know it is normal to be fearful and creating a kit together is a great way to be prepared.
  • Creating a hurricane kit is a great way to bond with your child and may even help to ease your own fears.

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Check out this AMAZING hurricane kit for kids!
Check out this AMAZING hurricane kit for kids!  Enter to WIN!

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