July 2013 Parenting Tip: Have Confidence

This month’s tip is for all of you moms (and dads too) out there who have a dream but are either too afraid, too busy or not confident enough to follow it.  We are not only moms who are focused on our families, but we are also women, who want to focus on ourselves and make a difference in this world.  Last month I was interviewed by Lynn Bardowski of Million $ Party Girl on Blog Talk Radio and my goal was to inspire, motivate and energize women to reach their goals.  Share this post with anyone you know that needs that extra push.  If you have a friend that told you about an amazing idea but has yet to take action, share this article with her.  If you have a relative that has been talking about their dream for years but keeps putting it off, send her this article.  If YOU have an idea, product, business or concept that you believe will change the world, READ these tips, print them out and tape them to your wall!!!

I have summarized the tips and advice offered in my interview in great detail below:

  • The Mommy Master of the Month:
    • My goal is to encourage women and provide a platform for those who want to promote their business, blog, charity or simply brag about all the hard work she does as a mom and entrepreneur.
    • I wanted to give back and help other women as so many have helped me along my journey.
    • Every month, I choose a different woman who has previously signed up.
    • I then heavily promote throughout social media as well as my monthly newsletter, FREE OF CHARGE.
    • Makes women feel special to win something and to be recognized for their accomplishments.
    • Motivates women to keep creating new goals for themselves.
    • All about celebrating each other’s achievements and supporting one another.
    • July submissions now open
  • Stop making excuses:
    • We are all busy in our own way.
    • If you want it badly enough, you will find the time.
    • If I can do it with three kids under six, a traveling husband and no family nearby to help, YOU CAN DO IT!
    • Don’t let fear of the unknown get in your way.
  • Be willing to work really hard:
    • Your success will not happen overnight but it will happen
    • Your journey will be difficult but your destination will absolutely be worth it.
    • Be realistic with yourself about the hard work ahead
    • If starting a business and changing your life was easy, everyone would do it.
    • Know there will be sacrifices you may have to make.
    • This is your baby and no one is going to work harder, or have more passion than you.  If you don’t put in 110%, no one will.
  • No regrets:
    • Don’t regret the things you do
    • Regret the things you don’t do.
    • You don’t want to wake up one day at 80 years old and wonder “what if”?
    • Leave your mark on the world.
  • Lead by example:
    • Not only are you reaching your goals but you are teaching your children to live their dreams as well.
    • Show your children what hard work is all about and what it can accomplish.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail:
    • This is a HUGE tip and refers to both motherhood and becoming an entrepreneur.
    • You WILL make mistakes but learn from them and move on.
    • No one is perfect, not even YOU.
    • If you try and fail, you have succeeded.
    • If you never try, you have automatically failed.
    • Don’t get frustrated and give up.
    • Share your failures with other moms, entrepreneurs and friends.
    • One day you may be a Mommy Master® and another day, a Mommy Disaster, and that’s okay.
    • Examine what caused you to fail on a certain day and why.
      • Was it something going on with you personally that caused you to be impatient?
      • Did you get into an argument with your spouse or partner and take it out on the kids?
      • Are the kids going to bed too late, causing them to be tired and cranky?
      • Did you partner with someone that did not have your best interest at heart?
      • Did you not do enough background research on a business partner or employee before you hired them?
    • Investigate what you could have done better and try again tomorrow.
    • Making mistakes is how you learn and grow as both a parent and an entrepreneur.
  • Have confidence:
    • You can do this!
    • Believe in yourself.
    • Don’t worry if you are a beginner; you have to start somewhere.
      • You will learn so much as you go through your journey
      • Ask for help when you need it.
      • Don’t wait until you think you know everything before you take the leap.
        • Your knowledge and experience will grow with your business.
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else:
    • Just because the mom down the block always looks perfectly put together and her kids are sparkling, doesn’t mean her way is better.
      • She may have a messy house, a failing marriage and fed her children candy for breakfast.
    • Just because your friend started the perfect business and makes it look so easy, doesn’t mean it is.
      • For all you know, she could have given up and failed numerous times before becoming a success.
    • Be yourself and be confident about who YOU are as a mother and a woman.
    • For all you know, someone may be looking up to you for your parenting style or entrepreneurial successes.
  • Create a support system for yourself:
    • Is your spouse or partner on board with your plans to start a business?
      • Will he/she lift you up when you are down and ready to give up?
    • Share your journey with friends and family so they can share in your success.
    • Utilize social media for support
      • I connected with Million $ Party Girl on Linked In.
      • Ask for advice and help.
        • You will be surprised how many strangers are willing to offer their expertise and time.
    • Surround yourself with people that encourage you, believe in you and want to see you succeed.
      • If someone is adding negativity to your life, causing you to question your dreams, keep going and prove them wrong!
  • Don’t try and be a superhero:
    • Hire a sitter or mother’s helper to lighten your load
    • If money is tight, create a plan with a friend where you can watch each other’s kids for a few hours every week.
    • Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed, tired and ready to give up.
  • Enjoy your journey
    • Celebrate your weekly or even daily successes.
    • You worked hard and you earned it.
    • You deserve a pat on the back
    • Feel proud of your accomplishments.
    • Share your new found knowledge with others and become a mentor.
    • Inspire others to live their dreams.
    • Research and take advantage of initiatives like the Mommy Master of the Month to educate those around you about your business and to help spread the word about your achievements.
  • Extend your journey
    • Don’t stop just because you have reached your destination.
    • Constantly be challenging yourself and creating new goals.
    • Your triumphs should inspire you to want more.
    • Winning the Mommy Master of the month will motivate you to push yourself further.

To listen to the full interview and get more tips, click HERE.



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  1. This is very motivational and I need it this week! Its also just good advice no matter what the business or could even be applied to many aspects of life. I will need to re-read this whenever I’m in the “rut”. I’m not a “mom” but I can still appreciate the strength in the advice. Ellie, all your posts convey such confidence and clarity, does it just come natural?

    1. Thanks so much Jon! I appreciate your comments more than you know! Thanks for your kind words re: confidence and clarity. Does it come natural? Hmmm…some of it. I have been writing since I was a little girl and was raised with an incredible work ethic. I put 1000% into everything I do and make sure my writing is the best it can be before I share with readers like you. I always had great jobs and was successful but never fully felt like it was the perfect fit. When I had children, something clicked and I felt like I knew what I was doing (most of the time) and wanted to share my successes (and failures) with other parents. I am not a perfect parent but am confident I am trying my best every day! I believe that confidence takes work, life lessons and patience. However, when you find something you truly thrive at, the confidence comes naturally, if that makes sense. I appreciate your support of Mommy Masters and always reading my articles! Do you have a website or blog I can visit? Have a great night!

      1. Your efforts are certainly visible in your articles and your site. I’m a little more casual I guess, but I do enjoy writing as well, especially when a spark of wit and wisdom come along. I’d love for you to have a look at my fledgling blog and I welcome whatever pointers you have as well! http://www.dad-and-the-kids.com Thanks so much and I will be around for more parenting ideas and blogging ideas! Thanks Ellie!

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