Lunch & Advice with Rosie Pope!

Lunching with Rosie Pope!
Ellie, The Mommy Master® with Rosie Pope

For those of you who remember my interview with Rosie Pope last year, I had the opportunity to once again sit down with the maternity concierge, designer and star of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels.  This year, I had the pleasure of lunching with Rosie and a small group of very talented mompreneurs and women.  Rosie was in Tampa for the 2nd annual Mother of all Baby Showers event, which is truly a unique occasion geared towards new and expectant parents.

The first thing I noticed about Rosie was her baby bump.   I had read she was expecting her fourth child and really admire her and her husband for taking the leap.  She is one busy woman so kudos to her for expanding her family with three young ones at home and a booming business!  Rosie introduced herself to all the women and let us know we could ask her anything.  I immediately wanted to find out more about her show on Bravo, since I am always so curious how people connect with production companies and networks.  Rosie gave us a detailed storyline on how it all went down.  At a time when the market was tanking, her husband had lost his job and she had just had a baby, she was standing outside her new boutique in Soho, NYC, crying and wondering how it would all work.   A producer who was also just starting out, walked by her store and asked her about her business, handed her a card and asked if she would be interested in shooting a reel to shop around to networks.  Two years and not much hope later, she landed her show on Bravo.  It was interesting to find out that casting chooses all of the couples she counsels and she doesn’t meet them until we see her meet them on the show.  Rosie said the key to a successful reality show is being as real as possible and not over thinking or worrying about your reputation.  She talked about the first time she met Andy Cohen (whom I LOVE) and how she was willing to share her personal struggles with getting pregnant on the show.  It was great to hear her experience with reality television and her advice to anyone else seeking the same goals.

Rosie also talked about how she has gotten a thick skin since she has become a household name, which is very inspiring.  She used to get upset but now ignores any mention of herself online or in print.  She even made fun of herself for her accent, which she educated us was the most popular search with her name in it online.  She is able to laugh at herself which I think is so cool.  I loved hearing about her background and her life before Rosie Pope, the Maternity Concierge.  Rosie is very down to earth and it was as if we were all having lunch with a friend.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Rosie again and even found out her kids enjoyed my CD, “Music is Magical, Children’s Songs with Ellie”.  So cool! Thanks to Amy Lundy, founder of The Mother of All Baby Showers and Small Fry Society and Bun in the Oven, for putting this lunch together and inviting me to be part of it.  Rosie, if you are reading this, it was great talking with you and hearing your perspective on balancing it all.  You are an inspiration to all mompreneurs!