The Joys of Boys:

Having grown up with one sister, and now as the mother of three sons, I had never really been exposed to a boy’s world…until now.   I know more about the male anatomy, boogers and passing gas then I care to admit, and hear more potty words that one person should have to be subjected to in a given day.  Even so, I wouldn’t change it for the world, and love being a mom to three funny, rambunctious, potty mouthed, sensitive, loving, lizard hunting little guys I call my sons.  As Thanksgiving is approaching, it’s a time to think about all the things we are thankful for in our lives.  I am thankful for my three beautiful boys who bring joy, laughter, love and adventure into my life.


For those of you who already have boys, you know they can ask some pretty hilarious, inappropriate and outlandish questions.  You must then also know they can ask beautiful, innocent and honest questions as well.  Here are just a few of many examples of queries and topics thrown around in my world:

1) Mommy, how come my penis gets larger when I touch it?

My response: complete silence followed by, “Ask your dad”.

2) Mommy, did you know that your wenis (what my boys call their testicles) is also called your balls?

My response: hiding my face and pretending not to laugh hysterically as I was driving my crew home from school.

3) Mommy, did you know that some kid at school called his wenis his nuts?

My response: “Oh…really?  What else did you learn at school today?”

4) Mommy, I just farfed (what my kids call farts) on you?

My response: “Thanks.  I love your farfs.”

5) When I grow older, can I marry you?

My response:  “Yes you can!”

6) Mommy, you look so pretty, is that a new dress?

My response:  A very large smile followed by a giant hug and kiss.

7) Mommy, where is your penis?

My response: “Seriously?  I don’t have one.” 

8 )Mommy, why are your boobs so floppy and your butt so jiggly?

My response: As I narrow my eyes, “I’m looking at the three reasons right in front of me”.

9)Mommy, can we have a sister?

My response:  “You have a sister.  She’s furry and she barks.”

10) Mommy, can I have a rat for Chanukah and name him Butt?

My response:  “What do you think?”, while trying not to laugh.


As you can imagine, our conversations are pretty comical and every day is definitely an adventure!

Mommy Masters® would love to hear what conversations your kids are having with you:


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