Holiday Music – Something for Everyone!

Holiday Music – Something for Everyone!

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ellie Hirsch, a.k.a. Ellie, The Mommy Master®.  Ellie is the founder of, an award winning children’s recording artist/songwriter, published author, mommy blogger and mom to three amazing little boys.  She’s also the genius behind “Music is Magical, Children’s Songs with Ellie”, a Parents’ Choice Award winner.  Who better to weigh in on the best holiday music for families with children?  Read on for some fabulous holiday music options for every taste this holiday season!

In my family, we absolutely LOVE listening to music together.  Whether it’s cooking dinner, playing in the backyard, driving to school or simply having a family dance party on a rainy Saturday, music creates the perfect atmosphere to build fun memories together!

The holidays are no exception to this rule.  Holiday music symbolizes family, togetherness, warmth, food and friends. It brings back those holiday memories (only the good ones of course) and helps set the stage for celebrating.  With that said, everyone has their own opinion of what good music is.  How do you find holiday music that appeals to everyone?  Is there holiday music that is appropriate for children but not too juvenile where parents feel like ripping their ears off, to put it mildly?  Luckily the choices available are plentiful, so there is definitely something for everyone!  Here are just a few that I found that are sure to please all ears; young, old and anything in between.

      A Laurie Berkner ChristmasIf you and your child are Laurie Berkner fans, this is perfect for you.  It’s no doubt children’s music but definitely enjoyable for everyone.
      Justin Bieber: Under the MistletoeYou may not be a “Belieber” but this is a great selection of Christmas songs that both you and your children will be able to enjoy. Like him or not, Justin Bieber is extremely talented and has a beautiful voice.  I especially love the song, “Under the Mistletoe”, which was quite popular on the radio in 2011. On top of that, this fabulous Christmas album features talented artists like Busta Rhymes and Boyz II Men.  A little something for everyone!
      Blake Shelton: Cheers, it’s ChristmasThis is the perfect holiday album with a country twist, but even if you are not into country music, this CD is great.  It also features talented artists Michael Bublé and Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert.
      Bad Religion: Christmas SongsAre you a hard-core punk rock fan?  Even if you aren’t, you’ll love this newly released holiday CD from Bad Religion that presents a unique and very cool take on the traditional Christmas tunes.  And don’t worry about whether it’s age appropriate – while typical BR lyrics and messages are not kid friendly, this CD is. You’ll certainly earn the “cool mom” label when you pop in this holiday album!
      Kelly Clarkson: Wrapped in Red:Another new release this holiday season, “Wrapped in Red” offers the classic serene and magical voice.  I love Kelly’s rendition of the holiday classics as well as her new co-written tracks.  Personally, I am a huge Kelly Clarkson fan as I think she represents real women and is a good role model for young girls.  What more could you want from a Christmas album?


      The LeeVees: Hanukkah RocksI was so excited to stumble upon this awesome music from 2005.  These are not your typical Hanukkah songs and could seriously be listened to all year long.  This very cool and hip music has witty lyrics that are the perfect alternative to the obvious and overplayed, “Dreidel Song”. In particular I love the track, “How Do You Spell Channukkahh?” since we all ask ourselves that question every year!  I give this album a 10!!!
      The Macaroons: Hurry up, It’s a JDub Kids’ HannukahThis is another album full of really cool, rock-inspired alternatives to the same Hanukkah songs we’ve all heard 10,000 times.  Great for both kids and adults.
      Celo Green: Celo’s Magic MomentIf you are looking for a fun holiday album, look no further!  I love the energy of this album and its mix of jazz, blues, Motown, funk and soul.  One song even features Disney’s The Muppets, a huge plus for any holiday album!
      Matisyahu: Happy HanukkahIt’s Matisyahu-enough said! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
      MaccabeatsIf you aren’t already familiar, the Maccabeats are an a cappella phenomena.  Their Hanukkah remix of “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz titled, “Candelight”, is unbelievable. Although it’s not available on iTunes or Amazon, head to YouTube to view the video of song which is well worth it!!  The singles “Burn” and “Miracle” are also pretty awesome!  I cannot wait to see what is next from these talented and clever guys.


Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of music and memories!