December 2013 Parenting Tip: Reflecting Back…

As we near the end of 2013, it’s a good time to reflect on all our accomplishments and continue to make new goals for 2014.  While I am all for focusing on the positive, I believe we should always try to learn from our mistakes, understand why we made certain choices and create New Year’s resolutions to help stay focused on success for the next year to come.

Part of being a Mommy Master is not just mastering motherhood, but being the best wife, friend, and woman you can be on a given day.  Here are examples of questions to ask yourself as you look back on 2013 and look forward to 2014.

  • Mother:
    • Was I the best mother I could have been?
    • What would I have done differently as a parent this past year?
    • What would my children say I needed to work on as their mom for next year?
    • What would my children say they were proud of me for this year?
    • Do I have any regrets as a parent this past year?
    • Did I yell too much?
    • Did I have enough patience?
    • Did I learn anything new about my children?
    • Was I connected to their school?
    • Did I take the time to get to know their friends?
    • Did I say “I love you” enough?
    • Was I able to get close to my children and get to know them as they grew and changed over the past year?
    • Did we laugh enough together?
    • Looking back, did my children feel comfortable talking to me about anything?
    • Did I spend enough quality time with my children?
    • Was I silly, able to let loose and have fun with my kids?
    • Did I lead by example?
    • Was I a good mother?

parenting tip 5

  • Wife/Partner:
    • Did I spend enough time with my husband/partner?
    • Did we follow through with date night plans?
    • Did we argue about little things?
    • Did we argue in front of the children?
    • Did we take out our frustrations out on one another?
    • Did we bring each other up when one of us was down?
    • Were we patient with each other?
    • Did I take my huband/partner for granted?
    • Were we respectful of one another?
    • Did we give each other space to follow our individual dreams?
    • Did we say “I’m sorry” enough?
    • Did we say “I love you” enough?
    • How could I have been a better spouse?
    • Was I always honest?
    • Was I supportive when my husband/partner needed me to be?
    • Was I a good wife?

parenting tip 10

  • Friend:
    • Did I treat my friends like I wanted to be treated by them?
    • Did I go out of my way to show a friend how much I care for them?
    • Did I ask a friend for help when I needed it?
    • Do I wish I had been more open with my friends and shared more about myself?
    • Was I afraid to share my downfalls with my friends?
    • Did I ever compare myself to my friends?
    • Was I ever jealous of my friends
    • Was I there when a friend needed me?
    • How can I be a better friend this coming year?
    • Did I make a difference in someone’s life?
    • Did I make any new friends?
    • Was I a good listener?
    • Did I express my feelings for my friends so they knew how I felt about them?
    • Did a friend hurt me yet I was afraid to let them know?
    • Am I friends with someone that is adding negativity to my life?
    • Was I too judgmental towards a friend?
    • Did a friend judge me unfairly?
    • Did I tell a friend how much I appreciated them?
    • Did I share a secret that was only meant for me?
    • Did I make time to get together with friends?
    • Did I make an effort to keep in touch with old friends?
    • Was I a good friend?

parenting tip4

  • Woman:
    • Did I think about others this past year?
    • Was I selfish in any way?
    • Did I help someone less fortunate than me?
    • Did I volunteer?
    • Did I always thank those that helped me?
    • Did I work hard to achieve my goals in my work/business/job?
    • Did I conquer a fear?
    • Was I lazy?
    • Did I take time out for me?
    • Was I too selfless and forgot about myself?
    • Was I as healthy as I could have been?
    • Was I too hard on myself?
    • Did I feel I failed at something this past year?
    • How can I be a better person next year?
    • What are three words people would use to describe me this past year?
    • What are three words I hope people would use to describe me at the end of next year?
    • Was I happy for those around me that reached success or was I jealous?
    • Did I wish ill will on someone?
    • Did I gossip about someone behind their back?
    • Was I hurt by someone?
    • Did I smile enough?
    • Did I laugh enough?
    • Was I everything I could have been to everyone?
    • Was I a good person?

parenting tip 14

These are definitely a lot of questions to ponder.  The truth is we should not be waiting until the end of the year to reflect on ourselves as mothers, wives, friends and women, but instead be asking ourselves these questions daily, weekly and monthly!  As I tell my children, you should strive to become a better you every day.


parenting tip 7Thank you for your support in 2013 and I look forward to bringing you more amazing parenting tips, tricks and tools in 2014.