February 2014 Parenting Tip: This Will Knock Your Socks Off

If you are a Mommy Masters fan, you know that I struggle with singletons!  What is a singleton you ask?  A lonely sock that cannot find his matching mate.  It feels like every week, I add more and more singletons to my stock pile.

Mountain of Singletons!

With five pairs of feet in my house, you can imagine how many socks litter my laundry basket.  The amount of random socks that I have to lay out on my floor each week in hopes of finding a matching pair, is ridiculous and time consuming.  These are not just old socks but also brand new ones I just purchased, so you can imagine the frustration.

This is a picture of all my singletons sprawled out on the bedroom floor.

sock pile
Socks everywhere!!!

As you can see, there is no organization and even if there was a match hiding in there, I would never find it.  Here is a picture of all the socks laid out by family member.  Ridiculous right?

I could open up a sock store!

How is it possible to have so many socks without a mate you ask?  If everyone placed their dirty socks in the hamper immediately upon taking them off (I know who you are), we probably wouldn’t have this problem.  I find socks in my yard, in the car, in the bathtub…basically anywhere a sock should not be.

I believe I have discovered a good solution for this crazy sock sorting mess and I of course have to share it with all of you.   I have allocated a plastic baggie to each family member filled with their singletons.  Now after every load, whichever socks are left over and cannot be paired, I add them to that owner’s bag and get to work match making.  It’s pretty exciting to get a match, especially if it’s been single for a while.  (I swear I have a life outside my sock project).

Much better!
Much better!

If by chance you locate a sock in the flower beds of your backyard (like me),  you can easily reunite the long lost pair since you know where the match is.  There is nothing worse than the victory of finding a sock you have been looking for, for months, only to realize the original mate you could have sworn you just saw, is now the lost one.  Okay, there is something worse.  Finding the match only to realize you threw the other one out!  I have singletons that have been unaccompanied for years but I learned to never give up.  When you least expect it, it can happen!

I bring you this tip because I know I am not alone!  Whether it’s socks, hair bands, (my beautiful crystal candlesticks), or pacifiers, things mysteriously disappear and if we can’t find them, we can at least organize the ones left behind.  I will find all of you one day…and that’s a promise.

What creative household tips can you share with Mommy Masters?




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