Green is In! Get “Shakin” with Mommy Masters on ABC Action News!

If you are a Mommy Masters “fan” on Facebook, you will know I have posted many pictures of my green shakes.  Ever since my husband bought me a Vitamix for the holidays, a day has not gone by without the sounds of swooshing and swirling coming from my kitchen! I still enjoy following the recipes from my Vitamix cook book,  but  love to experiment and throw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that to see what concoctions I can create.  I recently had the pleasure of speaking to ABC Action News about the positive effects that “drinking green” has had on my family.

Watch me, Ellie, The Mommy Master®, on ABC Action News:

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Head on over to ABC Action News to read the full story.

Here are excerpts from my interview with ABC Action News Anchor, Laura Harris, that I hope will inspire YOU to get “Shakin”:

What ingredients do you use?
  • The ingredients vary based on what I have in the house, but I usually stick to certain shakes I like to make:
    • green grapes, kiwi, broccoli, cucumber, apples, lemon and a little ice.
    • orange, banana, green grapes, spinach, apples, pineapple, carrots and lots of ice.
Why Green Smoothies?
  • The question is why NOT?  It’s easy, healthy, tastes great and makes you feel incredible.  You can throw in whatever you have in the fruit/veggie drawer and try fun new recipes.  My one year old loves the shakes and it is a wonderful way to provide him with a ton of nutrients.
  • I love working out and feeling great on the outside so this enables me to do the same for the inside my body.  The shakes make me feel lighter, healthier, and better about myself.  I know I am doing something good for my body and for my family.  My body thanks me every time I drink one!  
  • As the busy mom of three, I am always on the go.  I need natural energy to help get me going first thing in the morning and help to keep me going in the late afternoon.  A healthy shake is fuel for my body!  When I make one for myself, my two year also has one. 
  • Like most moms, I am juggling so many different things at once and don’t have much time to spare, so a healthy shake is the perfect on the go option for me that is easy to make, easy to take and tastes great!
  • How can you master motherhood if you don’t take care of yourself?  Juicing and healthy shakes are the ideal addition to any busy mom’s diet!  A woman who feels good about the way she looks AND feels, is a happier mommy, a more patient mommy and a more active mommy.
  • After I drink a shake, I am motivated to exercise, spend time outdoors with my kids riding bikes and playing basketball, cook healthy meals for the whole family and be a good role model for my boys when it comes to taking care of myself. 
  • When I clean out and organize the playroom in my house twice a year, which is a big project, I feel accomplished, organized, clean, uncluttered and ready to get started on my next project.  The same applies when I clean out my body, and put healthy, fresh and natural foods in.  
Trust me…you and your family will LOVE IT!