Father’s Day: Past, ‘Present’ & Future

Father’s Day is the kind of holiday that allows for gifts that are fun, silly, heartwarming and of course, homemade.  Any father will tell you that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a gift that will have meaning.  In fact, when it comes to my husband, the kids and I love to create our own gifts or purchase something silly and inexpensive that we think he will love.  Whether that means a T-Shirt that reads, “#1 Dad”, a trophy for being the “Best Dad Ever”, a coffee cup with our pictures on it, a card that looks like a glitter and glue experiment went array, handmade jewelry or art projects, it is all about the thought that counts.

Summary of Father’s Day Gifts!


It’s really all about the love that goes into a Father’s Day project or the time spent seeking the most unique and cool father’s day gift online and clicking, “Submit Order”.  This year I am having the kids fill out “Dad-Libs”, a Father’s Day version of Mad-Libs, the wacky word game we all played back in the day, filling in different adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc. to create a hilarious story.  There are tons of free downloads available online* and I think my husband will just love it!  It’s not about spending a lot of money or any money at all.

Dad Libs Fun!

My husband and I always laugh when it comes to his Father’s Day gifts from me.  Lets just say I have never picked a winner when it came to gifts I thought he would like and actually use.  Hey, I may be known as The Mommy Master®, but my presents all seen to be Daddy Disasters!  I am pretty sure he has returned every single one or stuck the numerous gift cards I purchased in a drawer never to be seen again.  These items included an eggplant (as he refers to it) colored shirt, a nose hair clipper that nearly mauled his face, an ugly tie (I thought it was nice), and a gift certificate to a store that pampered men to a warm, old school shave (I recently found the gift card from 2007; yes 2007).  He still  insists he is going to use it one day.  Yah right! I thought it would be a chance for him to unwind, relax and do something unique for himself.  Clearly I was wrong.  My husband travels for work and does not have a lot of free time.  The only benefit to him not using his gift cards is I usually end up becoming the recipient, especially when there is a massage involved.  After seven years, I have finally learned getting him something that is going to be delivered to his door without any effort on his part to redeem, is going to be the best option.  He didn’t want to spend the time getting spoiled and professionally shaved back in 2007?  Fine.  Seven years later, I will bring the shave to him!

This year and in the years to come, I would guess that my husband would most like to receive some much needed R&R on Father’s Day.  I sense a homemade coupon book is going to be created, offering one free hour of couch time, a get out of bath time free card, a day without anyone asking for anything and a weekend without a birthday party to attend.  Done, Done, and Done.  Should I tell him this coupon book expires on 6/16?  Perhaps I should extend that expiration date, especially since I scheduled a minor surgery I am having the Friday before Father’s Day weekend, not realizing it at the time.  OOPS!  Looks like I will be the one on the couch getting some R&R.

When it comes to my dad, he has always LOVED everything I have sent him for Father’s Day.  All of his gifts incorporate a picture of his grandkids in a personalized frame, a photo album, personalized card, key chain, mouse pad, etc.  I can only imagine the collection he must have in his office.  He is the kind of dad that appreciates any gift because it comes from us.  The fact he gets so much joy out of the presents we make and send, makes me so happy!

peepa pic
Homemade Father’s Day picture frame circa 2009

At the end of the day, Father’s Day is about celebrating dads, making them feel loved and special, and spending time with them.  Oh, and letting them relax a bit! 🙂  The gifts that will become memories are the ones that will make Dad laugh, make him cry, and even perhaps make him roll his eyes.  These presents will also create great stories to share with generations to come.  Now stop reading my blog and go work on your Father’s Day gift!



* Dad Libs downloaded from:  fivehearthome.com