June 2014 Parenting Tip-Father’s Day Edition

Who better than dads to deliver this month’s parenting tip?  In honor of Father’s Day this month, we have three special dads who are sharing their great tips with Mommy Masters.

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I would like to welcome Carter Gaddis, a very talented writer, and of course an awesome dad.  I am so excited to announce that Carter was just chosen to join Today’s Parents,  (formerly “Today’s Moms”) as a regular contributor, along with five other amazing dad bloggers.  We tend to only here about moms and how they balance it all.  What about dads?  Carter is the perfect dad to tell us how he handles it all:

As a father who works out of the home, one of my biggest day-to-day challenges is trying to balance it all. Recent studies have shown that I’m not alone in my desire to be there more frequently, to carry more of the parenting load and to shoulder more of the household responsibilities than men from earlier generations. Because of that, dads like me are searching for ways to be the involved parents we long to be. Unfortunately, even though I’m one of those dads who wants “it all” — career, marriage, parenthood, fulfillment and achievement in every facet of life — there really is no such thing as work-life balance. There is only doing the best you can under your particular circumstance, without condemning yourself too harshly for missing a school activity or failing to advance in an unforgiving corporate culture.

What to do, then? Here’s how I handle it. During the school year, I make a point of waking up before my elementary-age sons. I wake them gently, get them dressed and talk to them quietly for a few minutes about their dreams (if they remember them from the night before) and about what the day ahead holds in store. Then, while their mom gets breakfast on the table and finishes her morning ablutions, I get myself ready for work. I then go downstairs and pack their lunch boxes. Before I leave for work, I get hugs and remind them to “be good, be nice, be you and have fun.”  I also have “secret handshakes” with both boys (hint: They involve Star Wars).
The key for us is to fill the precious time we have together with love and grace as much as possible. That’s something I’d recommend to any parent.
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Mommy Masters would also like to welcome dad, Paul Higby, who has really clever parenting tips to share that I love!
  • Change the password on your home wi-fi every day and give it to your kids only AFTER chores, homework and other responsibilities are completed.
  • Set up a faux gmail account using a character your child respects (when mine were younger, it was the Tooth Fairy / Angel). Correspond with your kids via that faux personality and hand out words of wisdom liberally.

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Lastly, and certainly, not least, Mommy Masters would like to welcome back Doug Orcutt, previous Mommy Masters contributor, and dad to two adorable children.  Doug’s tip is a great way to sit down as a family and bond together. 

  •  Create a weekly calendar with your kid. Our four-year-old boy was alway asking, “what are we doing tomorrow? When is the birthday party?  When is grandma coming?” etc. Now we sit down with him every Sunday and we talk about what’s planned for the week ahead.
  • He draws pictures in the seven boxes to represent the events and we hang the paper on the fridge.  He loves it and so do we.

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Thanks Dads for all these wonderful tips!  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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