Can you Really Stop Time?

As the mom to three very active boys and an energetic furry girl, a mompreneur and a wife to a traveling husband, I feel I have accomplished a lot in my almost 40 years and that takes time.  My concern is not where the time has gone but rather where the time is going.  Where the heck is time going anyway?

I remember sitting in a high school class that was 45 minutes long thinking, “ugh, is this ever going to be over”?  Now, 45 minutes flies by as if they were 45 seconds.  My days all blend and when I finally pick my head up and take a breath, it’s Friday again.  If someone said to me in high school, “see you in a year”, that would have been an eternity.  Now, a year seems like a flash of lightning.  It arrives as fast as it leaves.


I recently attended my 20th year high school reunion and it was as if no time had passed at all.  20 years?  That sounds like forever but there we all were…and might I add looking really good!  In another 20 years, I will almost be 60!!!  WHAT?!?  No offense to anyone who is 60 but that scares the living crap out of me.  Forty I can do.  I feel great, take care of myself, still admit to blaring my rap music in the car (mini-van and all), like I did in my teens (minus the mini-van), look forward to a cocktail (or three) and living it up on a Saturday night.  My point is that twenty years and the idea of 60, seems a million years away but with time passing me by so quickly, it’s really not.  (By the way, I believe you can be 60 and fabulous or 90 and fabulous…age is just a number.)

I have lost my ability to tell time.  I literally no longer have any concept of what time means.  It is definitely true what they say.  You know, “as you get older, time goes by faster.”  So how do we slow down time?  Not sure if there is an actual answer but I have found ways to capture certain moments instead of watching them appear and quickly disappear into a faint memory.

When I am with my kids and there is an amazing moment in time we experience together, I stop for a second, and take a mental picture of it all.  My goal is not only to be able to recall the event but to remember how I felt during this time.

I recently took all three boys on a bike ride in my neighborhood and it turned out to be a glorious (love that word) excursion.  During our outing, we saw what seemed like a million dolphins that were so close we could almost touch them.  We witnessed a mama dolphin teaching her baby how to capture fish (I only know this because someone standing next to us told us what they were doing), saw stingrays gracefully floating by,  and birds diving for their lunch.

I literally stopped time in my mind and thought how incredible it felt to be there with my three amazing little boys, discovering nature on a beautiful sunny and breezy day, with no where to rush to.  I looked at the expression on their faces and captured the pride I felt as their mom.  As we headed home and the breeze was blowing through my hair, I smiled, because it was truly a special day for all of us.  It was not only the perfect day but a perfect mom day.

Of course as soon as I arrived home, someone hit someone, someone stepped in dog poop and someone peed all over the toilet seat that I sat down on.  Back to reality it was for me and as I snapped out of my dream like state, before I knew it, I was doing bath time, reading books and giving good night kisses.  Time let me know it was ready to get back to work.

The concept and ability to remember an emotion tied to a certain event or experience, is my method of prolonging those 60 seconds that so quickly can turn into an hour, days, weeks, months and years.  When we can teach ourselves to slow down and really appreciate the rare and precious times, it allows us to be in the moment and actually stop time, or at least try! 🙂