New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Family

When we think of New Year’s resolutions, we think of losing weight and getting healthy, which are great goals but this year it’s time to focus on family.

2015 is going to be all about becoming a better parent, a better son or daughter, a better spouse/partner and a better sibling.  It’s going to be a year of building a stronger family which will take a lot of hard work, a lot of patience and a lot of failures.  Remember your aim is not to be perfect but to work on certain qualities that will make you the best you can be.

How do we decide on what to work on?  How do we ensure we keep it up throughout the year?  Here is a guide to getting started:

  • Make New Year’s Resolutions a family affair:
    • Get everyone together and make a fun family night out of it.
    • Work together to create everyone’s resolutions.
  • Come to the table with a positive attitude:
    • Help each other focus on one another’s needs to succeed instead of reasons for downfalls.
    • Realize that you are not perfect, have flaws and can always become a better you.
  • Everyone will receive two resolutions to work on throughout the year:
    • One that is chosen by your family members.
    • One that is chosen by you.
  • The Rules:
    • Each person will write down one improvement for every family member they see fit, either as a parent, child, spouse, sibling, etc.
    • Examples could include having more patience, yelling less, showing more respect for your sibling’s privacy, eating more home cooked meals, carving out more time for date night, being more respectful to adults, taking school more seriously, helping out more around the house, spending more quality time together, spending less time on tablets, etc.
    • Each person will then write down two aspects of their own personality that could lead to a more cohesive family atmosphere.
    • Examples are similar to above however only based on changes you can make.
    • Once completed, fold your suggestions so no one can read what you have written.
    • Every family member will need two bowls/baskets/Tupperware, etc. to house the folded paper.
    • Place your suggestions (there should be two) in one of your bowls.
    • Place your suggestion for your family member in the correct person’s bowl.
    • The larger your family, the more folded paper you will have in one of your bowls.
    • Each family member will then choose one piece of paper from each of their bowls and read out loud.
  • Do not get insulted by other’s choices for your resolutions.
    • Even though you may not think improvements you were “told” you needed to make hold any truth, someone else in your family does.
    • Take these words as constructive criticism and utilize them to create a better you.
  • Go around the table and discuss how you will each reach your goals:
    • Everyone can offer suggestions and support as well.
    • This is not the time to focus on the past but to help move forward and succeed in the future.
  • Gather an envelope and arts and crafts supplies.
    • Place your resolutions in an envelope.
    • Depending on your children’s ages, everyone can decorate with stickers, markers and whatever supplies you have around the house.
  • Treat your envelope well throughout the year:
    • Every person is responsible for their own resolutions in 2015.
    • Keep your envelope in a safe place where it will not get ruined or lost.
  • Schedule progress meetings:
    • Have a fun family night and discuss everyone’s resolutions over pizza and ice cream.
    • Offer positive reinforcement, encouragement and support.
  • Time’s up:
    • At the end of 2015, open your envelopes and look at your resolutions.
    • Ask yourself these questions:
      • Did you make a true effort to reach your goals?
      • What was helpful in reaching your goals?
      • How can you improve upon reaching your goals next year?
      • Why do you feel you failed?
    • Ask your family members these questions:
      • Do you feel you reached your goals this past year?
      • Was I supportive in helping you?
      • How can I be more supportive?
      • Do you feel you needed to improve and agree with the resolution you received?

Unfortunately, many don’t succeed at carrying out their resolutions they make for themselves.  At the beginning of the year we are super motivated, ready for a change and then life gets busy and we fall back into our same old routines.

When you work together as a family, and offer support and strength to one another, it is so much easier to succeed with a team behind you.

We all want to be the best we can be and create a happy and positive family environment for ourselves and loved ones.  When you make the effort to improve upon yourself, your family will become stronger and you will become a better mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!


Thank you for all your support!  Lots of great things to come next year!