Patience and Pinot

Is it me or are we moms always in a rush?  Always struggling to get out of the house on time?  Always nagging the kids to hurry up, get moving and repeating the tiresome words, “come on, let’s gooooo”.


I don’t know about you, but I am sick of always feeling under pressure to get somewhere.  Why don’t I get up earlier you ask?  Believe me, I could have two hours to get everyone ready in the morning and would still be battling against the kids and the clock.  I hate that I have to give the same speech every morning and instead of laughing and having fun on the ride to the bus, I am irritated, worried about missing the bus and giving the boys a pep talk on the concept of time.


When I give my last wave and the bus disappears in the distance, I breathe a sigh of relief and head back home to get my two year old ready for pre-school.  The stress of the morning has disappeared and when I drop him off, I leave smiling and feeling ready to conquer my day.  Even though I am happy to get some “me” time, when I get in my car, I listen to the silence and actually end up feeling a bit lonely.  Believe it or not, I actually can’t wait to pick everyone up.  Can’t win right?  🙂

When everyone gets home, different struggles begin.  The dog is barking for me to take her out, the baby wants me to get him a snack and play with him, my middle child needs help using my computer for his homework and my oldest needs help with his homework, which now a days is completely foreign to me since they are learning through common core.  Oh, and dinner needs to get cooked.  AHHHHHH!  I feel like Stretch Armstrong (you remember that doll) and at any moment, my arms will stretch so thin, they will snap off and then I will snap.


I am not sure which is worse, the morning craziness or the afternoon routine.  This brings me to the topic of drinking.  Now I know you moms can relate to this!

I was never a huge drinker, until I had kids that is.  What used to be a few drinks on a Saturday night has turned into a glass of Pinot Grigio a few times a week and the urge to pour the cold delicious liquid way too often.  I often have the discussion of why mom’s drink with my girlfriends and we all feel the same way.  One glass of wine at the end of the day makes all our mommy troubles simply melt away.  Okay, maybe not all but it sure feels that way sometimes!  What’s wrong with a glass of wine while I am cooking dinner or during my hot bath?  I don’t have to drive anywhere and it is the perfect way to relax and handle all of the mayhem occurring in my house.



Well, if you remember my post about the waitress asking if I was expecting my 4th, that is the problem.  I work out practically every day and eat very healthy so why don’t any of my pants fit anymore?  Who knew wine was so full of sugar and calories.  I certainly didn’t but now I do and so does the scale.

As I talked to my girlfriends about this very (insert sarcasm here) important problem, it was soon obvious that we all felt the same way.  We loved our “Mommy Juice” but we loved our skinny jeans more…well sometimes anyway.  We would no longer drink during the week and take on the role of each other’s sponsors.  The 6PM texts filled with stories of why our kids are driving us nuts followed by the wish of a glass of wine would go back and forth.  We would joke that we could possibly have a drinking problem.  Do we have a drinking problem?  Nah.  Just the “no one is listening, everyone needs me at the same time and there is only one of me problem”.  Phew!

MH900078624I don’t always want to be in a bad mood because my kids refuse to wear pants in 45 degree weather, cannot decide what to eat for breakfast, spend 20 minutes putting on one shoe or walk out of the house without a backpack.  (Sound familiar?)  I am a happy person who loves to smile.  Tomorrow morning I will be more patient, I will see things from their perspective, and offer love and support instead of complaints and dirty looks.  You heard it here first folks.  After school, I will not let everyone talking to me at once take me down.  I will take a step back, a deep breath and have the confidence it will all get done.  I will crave hugs and kisses instead of my cold, tasty glass of “it’s all going to be okay”.

Why did I write this article?  Well, this topic is a discussion between my girlfriends and me all the time.  We are here to support each other and master motherhood together.  If you are reading this and you don’t have friends you feel you can be silly and honest with, that’s why Mommy Masters is here!  You are not alone in this crazy journey we are on called “Motherhood”.  🙂

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1-1256217176zbgkUpdate:  It’s been four days since a glass of wine and I have been drinking tons of water.  I am less bloated, my pants fit so much better and I feel great!  Crazy after only four days.  It’s never a good idea to solve one problem with another!  Even though a glass of wine a few times a week seems like a reward at the end of the day, my kids are my real reward.  Okay…doesn’t feel like that all the time but you know where I am going with this.  For me, when everyone is sleeping and safe, the house is quiet, my hot bath is waiting for me and I can take a breath and lose myself in reality television, that is all I need!


I am also happy to report that this morning, we got out of the house with no snags, had a great ride to the bus stop and were actually early.  It was a stress free morning and I look forward to many more of those to come!  Why the change you ask?  I took my own advice, had a different mindset and was in a very patient mood.  🙂


*Disclaimer:  Alcoholism is no joking matter.  This article in no way is downplaying having a problem with drinking and is meant for entertainment purposes only.