Paddington Movie Review

Two words for you: MUST SEE!  Yes, I liked it that much.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to preview Paddington and take my three little guys to the movies.  It was actually the first time my two year old would attempt a movie theatre and the first time I would be bringing all three by myself.  A tall order I know but the kids were glued to the screen and were all really well behaved and quiet…thankfully!

paddington1I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a movie that I would enjoy but to be honest, I may have liked it more than my kids!  The storyline was authentic, the all-star cast was a nice treat and the writing was humorous and kept our attention.  There were a few times my kids had to tell me to be quiet because I was laughing so loud.

I remember taking a second to glance at all my boys stuffing their faces with popcorn and laughing, and thinking, “it doesn’t get much better than this”.

There aren’t many movies that I would say I have really loved since I can be quite the film critic.  I literally have nothing negative to say about Paddington. If you are looking for a quality film that both parents and children will enjoy, Paddington is it!

It is really amazing how Paddington’s character is so realistic and how well he fit in with the human characters.  He is sweet, well mannered, innocent yet mischievous and the kids and I just fell in love with him.  Truly a well made film based on a character well loved for so many years.

When we left the theatre, they asked us to provide one word to describe the movie.  Mine was “amazing”, which pretty much sums it up.  I definitely recommend you take your family to see this movie!

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*I was given complimentary tickets to see Paddington.  All opinions are my own.