Don’t Mess with a Mommy Master!

Ever have a great parenting day where you feel on top of the world?  Your motto of the day is, “I got this”, your confidence is obvious to everyone around you and nothing is going to bring you down.  You are prepared, powerful and poised.

 Today you are a Mommy Master!

You are not worried about yesterday, when perhaps you were a mommy disaster.  Today is a new day and it is your day to brag about the amazing parent you are.  You are not thinking about tomorrow, filled with hectic schedules and homework.  Today is your  day!

What do you think that parenting success might look like?

Mastering Motherhood

While the police are stopping crime,

you are stopping the whine…and then drinking some.

You are prepped with bottles, wipes, binkies and more.

Today you are the Mommy Master Police for sure!

Need a diaper, perhaps some tushie cream?

No problem for The Master, you are living the dream.

Celebrate your status, celebrate your win.

The respect you deserve is about to begin.

There is no situation that you cannot handle.

Today Mommy Master, you hold the candle.

Your confidence is glowing

and your parenting skills are showing.

Today you mastered motherhood,

just like you knew you always could.

Now go ahead and enjoy the bliss

because YOU GOT THIS!