My Son Said What?

My eight year old son recently asked me if “tit” is a word.  Yes, I was as taken back as you are reading this piece.  He had not heard it anywhere but had actually made it up, based upon a class assignment to put together as many words as he could think of from a single phrase.

Don't Say That jar, collecting coins for bad words

Um…I had two choices here:

1) Be honest and tell him what it means, knowing he would tell his six year old brother and all his friends at school.

2) Act normal, tell him that it doesn’t make any sense and to move on.

I know from experience that if you don’t make a big deal about something in front of kids, it won’t be a big deal.  In my mind, I had chosen #2 but before I could put on my brave face and carry out my assignment, I burst out laughing.

I could not help it.  All he kept saying was, “tit, tit, tit…Mom is that a word”?  He was so innocent and had no idea what he was saying.  This is coming from a kid that thinks “ditch” is a horrible potty mouth word and I find no need to tell him it’s only a potty word if you turn the d around.  I know my kids will learn bad words, phrases and inappropriate things from other kids and television but I will take every second of innocence I have left.

Photo by arztsamui:
Photo by arztsamui:

I decided I could not be responsible for teaching him this word so told him to call his dad.  Within minutes, my son hung up the phone with a smile on his face so you can guess the outcome of that call.  For ten minutes, all I heard was “tit, tit, tit” as he was cracking up.  Thanks dear.  Clearly my husband didn’t struggle with the parenting morals I did.

My son kept the word to himself after I told him I was never to hear it mentioned again, however I witnessed attempts to share it with his brother, which I quickly put the kibosh on.

I always believe in being honest and upfront with my kids.  I think my hesitation this time is that the word “tit” has a sexual connection to it.  I am not ready for “boob”, which my kids associate with providing milk to babies and endless sagging jokes at my expense, to be replaced with “tit”.

With my six year old’s comedic personality and the parrot that lives with us, a.k.a. my three old son, this could be a bad situation.  I have yet to discuss this with my husband but I am sure we will end up going “tit” for tat on this topic.  Pun intended!