April Parenting Tip: How to Handle Unpredictability

There are many words that can be used to describe motherhood but today, my pick is “unpredictable“.  What you think is a day planned one way can turn into a whole other day in the snap of a finger.  As a mom, you need to be able to quickly adjust and roll with the punches.  This of course is no easy feat but it can be done.

You feel like this:

frazzled momma

…but you know you need to act like this:

Ama de casa 1

Last night I noticed my three year old had a rash on his belly, which I didn’t pay too much attention too.  He has always had sensitive skin, is on three different allergy medications and wasn’t complaining, so I forgot about it.  The next morning while getting him dressed, I noticed his belly looked better but the rash was now on his back and his legs.  Knowing his history and believing he wasn’t contagious, I proceeded to take him to school.

Upon arrival, I told his teacher not to worry when she sees his rash and that I am fully aware he has it.  Me and my big mouth!  GAME CHANGER!!!  His teacher quickly told me I would have to talk to the office and most likely present a note from the doctor that his rash was indeed not contagious.  WHAT?  I had an 8:30 work out class I have waited all week to attend and had an important meeting at 10:00.  No, this was my three hour window sans kids to get things done.  I made a bit of a stink out of frustration, even though the school was 110% correct in how they handled it.  I whisked my son away and went into super mommy mode.

I called my pediatrician, explained my predicament and they told me to head right over.  Within minutes, I arrived at their office but would have to wait a bit for my appointment time which was 30 minutes from then. I was told if the doctor finished early with her patient, I would be seen sooner.   Crossing my fingers that I would be seen earlier, the stars aligned and there we were in the doctor’s office.

While waiting for the doctor to come in, I did 30 squats, 30 leg lifts, had played rubber glove balloon tennis and had a dance party.  I felt confident I was going to proceed with my day, get back on track and get my son back to school.  As suspected, he had hives, was not contagious and we were soon in the car on the way back to school, doctor’s note in hand.

The school was impressed I had delivered on their request so quickly.  Even though I missed my 8:30 class, more importantly, I would make my 10:00 appointment and my son wouldn’t miss school.  I then began to think about the moms that work full time in an office and what that stress might be like when a situation like this comes up.  Luckily for me, my schedule is more flexible.  While a work out class may not seem as important as getting to the office, it’s important to me.  For those who work out because it makes them feel good, both mentally and physically, you know what I mean.

I went home, did a few more squats and some sit ups, cleaned up the house, went to my meeting and went about my day.  I was not happy I missed my cardio (if I don’t work out, I feel horrible), but then realized that I had absolutely gotten in my cardio.  My heart was racing and I was out of breath from running around all morning.  Lets face it, motherhood is cardio!  It was definitely not the morning I thought it was going to be or wanted it to be, but as moms, we need to be prepared for anything.

Because I always try to put a positive spin on things, this morning gave me a chance to spend a little more time with my little guy.  I also know in the future if this happens, that his rash is indeed allergies and nothing to be concerned about, I was never really concerned.  It is also really great to know the school sticks to their policies and is looking out for the best interest of all the students.

Here are a few quick tips to handle your unpredictable days:

  • Do not waste your time thinking about the day you were supposed to have but instead, put your energy into solving any problems that caused your change in plans and get back on track.
  • When you signed up for motherhood, you agreed to be selfless and make your family priority number one.
  • Your children are watching you so even though a change in plans is indeed annoying, try to be positive so your children can learn that when life throws lemons at you, you have to make lemonade.
  • You may even be a role model for another parent who is watching and learning.
  • Do not take your frustration out on your children, especially if they were the cause of your plans needing to be rearranged.
  • At times, the day you ended up having might even be better than the day you were supposed to have.
  • Surround yourself with a great team of supportive friends, family and neighbors, etc. so you have people to reach out to for help when you are faced with juggling your new day.
  • Tell yourself “you can do this” and do it!
  • Get creative and find ways to make up time you may have lost or activities you wanted to participate in, like exercising in the doctor’s office.
  • It is okay to feel disappointed and overwhelmed; you are human.
  • If you failed to follow the above tips, discover how you could have handled the change better and try again because there will be a next time!

If you have great tips to share that helps you get through your unpredictable days, let us know by commenting below or by visiting Mommy Masters on Facebook.