Does Motherhood Freak YOU Out?

A friend of mine who does not have children, recently asked me a very interesting question…and it got me thinking.

She asked, “Do you ever think, ‘I are responsible for three human beings’, and does that ever freak you out?”

The answer seems like it would be so obvious but in fact, no, I never even thought about that. I know I am of course in charge of three little boys, ensuring they are fed, clothed, loved, etc., but I do those things because when I became a mom, that is what I signed up for and never questioned it.

Thinking about that question actually does freak me out a little bit. Wow, I am responsible for these human lives. My choices and decisions will effect them today and for the rest of their lives.  That’s a heavy load to carry.

Having children has changed my life, as expected, but for me, it has helped me discover who I am and who I want to be. On this journey to raising my boys, I tend not to think about my role as a responsibility wearing me down and making me tense, but as a blessing and experience for us all.

Not having children and not being responsible for other people’s lives and well-being actually freaks me out more. What would I be doing without children? Who would I be? Not that being a mom defines me but it sure has shaped my life and my career.

Why doesn’t motherhood freak me out?  I guess I like to feel needed.  I love taking care of my kids, making sure they are happy, going out of my way for them and helping them grow.  That is basically the definition of motherhood so it would make sense that being responsible for three human beings doesn’t make me want run the other way…most days. 🙂

Before I had my children, I raised two dogs, one of whom is still with us and the love of my life.  When it comes down to it, I love being able to bring joy into someone’s life.  I want my kids to look back at their childhood and know that their mom was always there for them and supported everything they did.  I want my dog to know that every day she was appreciated, adored and cherished.

People who know me will know I would have a fourth child and beyond. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense for our family for many reasons. I will answer the question you are most likely thinking, which is, “are you nuts?”. Maybe so, but I have so much love to give I want to share that love as much as I can. Simple as that.

I have decided that when all my boys are in school full time, I want to become a cuddler for babies in the NICU. I hope that my affection and warmth can help many little ones flourish.

I could not imagine my life any different than it is now and being a mother is truly the best gift I could have ever received.   It’s what I do and what I do best!

Don’t let motherhood freak you out!  Take it one day at a time and know Mommy Masters® is here to take the journey along with you!