Capturing that “Perfect Pic” this Mother’s Day”

Mother’s day is around the corner, which not only means lots of pampering (we hope), but of course lots of pictures.  Attempting to get that perfect shot is no easy task.

Is it too much to ask for a family picture this Mother’s Day that is actually picture frame worthy?  In one shot, your oldest looks like he would rather be anywhere else but taking this picture, while your youngest has the best smile you have ever seen.  In another, your oldest is actually smiling but your youngest is looking up at a bird flying by.  ARGH!  You are getting so annoyed that on the third picture, when everyone is smiling, you look less than thrilled.  If there was just a way to combine the best of all three, wouldn’t that be amazing?  Well…there is!!!

I recently stumbled upon, the personal photo editing service.  Finally someone understands the frustrations of getting that perfect picture.  Here’s how it works:

“Using a special technique we’ve developed over the past five years, we can refine and combine your “bad” photos – taken during family portrait sessions, birthday parties, holiday events, first days at school and more – into a perfect NEW photo that looks completely realistic … as if it was taken one quick snap the minute it actually happened!  We take the “bad” in one picture, the “good” in another (potentially a few others) and combine them to create the PerfectPic for you.”

All you have to do as the customer is send them your images and they do the rest.  Super easy, stress free and a keepsake you will have to cherish forever.

What once was headed for the trash folder is now actually the key to creating an amazing picture.  The concept behind is one of those ideas that makes you think, “Now this is something I can definitely use!”.

The founder of, Scott Slotnick, says that his idea for his business was born out of sheer necessity.  “Having three sweet yet mischievous kids who simply hated having their pictures taken is where it all started! They would do anything they could to avoid sitting still or smiling; hands blocking their faces, silly expressions, tongues out, looking away and sometimes even running away the moment the camera went “click”.”

Taking pictures of your family should not be stressful but as we all know, it is.  After what seems like the 20th take, everyone is miserable, no one is smiling and the person taking the photo is frustrated.  Now, those worries can all go away because a terrible picture might have an element of a great picture.

Check out these examples.  I was seriously blown away and thought this was so cool, I had to share it with all of you.

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