Mother’s Day is Over: Yay or Nay?

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone.  We craved the perfect day, and some of us moms got what we wanted and needed…YAY!   From some of the posts and stories I have been reading about on social media, some clearly did not…NAY!


With any holiday, we want it to be perfect.  We put a ton of pressure on ourselves and others to deliver the ideal day but what we forget is that perfection doesn’t exist when it comes to motherhood, or anything else for that matter.

What made us think our kids would be perfect little angels when we went to brunch yesterday?  Are tantrums, potty accidents and sibling rivalry immune to Mother’s Day?  What made us expect a day of perfection when we are fully aware that a day without drama doesn’t exist in our houses?  Hmm…not a clue.  Silly Mommies!

Do we deserve a day of perfection?  HELL YEAH!  Unfortunately there is something called reality and yes, it applies to Mother’s Day.

With higher expectations come bigger disappointments.  Whether you associate Mother’s Day with expensive brunches, flowers, a day at the beach, a family dinner, or some time to yourself, the truth is this one day a year is really about so much more.  It’s about celebrating being a mother, which as we all know, is not all unicorns and rainbows.

For all you moms out there who didn’t get the Mother’s Day you dreamed of, it’s okay, and nothing to be upset or embarrassed about.  So your child cried the entire time out to breakfast?  Guess what?  That is motherhood!  Every mother in that restaurant has been in your shoes.  Big deal that you had to spend your Mother’s Day in the emergency room with your five year old over a silly accident that could and should have been avoided.  Yes, it sucks and not at all how you envisioned your Mother’s Day, but guess what?  That is motherhood.

My point is that our duties as moms don’t pause because the calendar says so every year.  Yes, we deserve a break but your six month old’s teething may not have gotten the memo.  Yes, we need a day to be pampered and appreciated, but your two year old’s meltdown never received that memo either. As long as everyone is safe and together, that is what Mother’s Day is about.  It is about spending time with our family and celebrating motherhood, which means the good and the bad.

If your Mother’s Day was a total disaster, learn from it, laugh at it, and move on.  If you feel you got jipped this Mother’s Day, go do something special for yourself this week!  I officially declare Mother’s Day Make Up Day, where we get a do-over.  No one else may be aware of your personal celebration but the only person who needs to know is you.

Don’t let one bad Mother’s Day get you down.  Just take a look at your kids laughing and smiling and you will know you had a successful mommy day today!