Minecraft Super Gaming League Fall Session Giveaway:


The good news is Mommy Masters is sharing the coolest after-school enrichment program EVER with you and your kids!  The great news is you can win a free six week session!  Tell me more you say?  You bet…

Who wants to play Minecraft in a movie theatre?  When I asked my three boys, their eyes widened and the excitement was written all over their faces.  They performed a happy dance with screams and shrieking that lasted a good ten minutes.  My ears are still recovering.  Mommy Masters is so excited to partner with Super Gaming League to bring you their 6-week after-school enrichment league, available in multiple locations throughout the US.  They are giving away two free fall sessions, which start on October 6th in multiple locations, (scroll down for Florida locations), which you can enter right here on the Mommy Masters blog.

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SuperLeague.com is the first in-theater gaming league set inside major movie theaters across the country where gamers can socialize, move around the theater, and compete in a recreational setting. Their after-school leagues starts next month and leverages Minecraft on a BIG screen for a social, fun, and interactive learning experience.

Most players are 6-18 years old, but all Minecraft players are welcome. All games will begin at 4:30pm and tickets are $80 per season pass if purchased before September 30, or $100 after September 30.  You could win a free six week session when you enter below!!!

As a mom, I know what you are thinking.  My kids already play so many video games and it is a fight to get them away from their screens.  Is this really an activity I should feel good about for my kids?  YES, YES and YES!  This is practically brain food for our kids and the educational impact is pretty impressive!  How so you ask?  Super League’s after-school enrichment program Minecraft is already well known for its educational value, but Super League takes it one step further by assigning participants to teams of 4-7 where they work together towards a common goal.

Kids learn teamwork, leadership, communication, strategy, design and much more.  What kid wouldn’t love to participate in this unique after-school program?  This is a great opportunity for parents to get their gamer kids out of the house for a night of interactive gaming.

According to Edutopia.com, teachers can utilize Minecraft in the classroom.  There is a tool for using Minecraft created by teachers for teachers.  MinecraftEdu provides a custom mod, basically a customized modification of the game, that helps facilitate organization and focus for teachers to use Minecraft effectively.  Who knew?  According to GameSpot.com, people have seen very positive results when utilizing Minecraft to aid them in teaching children, such as increased attention levels, better collaboration with other students, and of course, better grades.  The site also states that many schools are beginning to see the benefits of video game teaching.  Good news for our kids!


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Below are the dates and theaters that will be hitting Florida next month:

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Come Play Minecraft in a Movie Theater, Along with the Big Screen!

*Free Super League jersey

*Prizes to top scorers

*Gamers bring their laptops, but we also have some for use

*Parents can sit with their gamers for free

*This is a sponsored post.